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Best PR Companies in Phoenix, AZ 2021

Branding and market domination are essential for businesses as these ensure ROI and long-term sustainability and profitability. These two can be assured with the help of a well-implemented public relations campaign. 

According to a report, 60% of online users are ready to purchase a product or service. Another study also states that 70% of consumers prefer knowing a company through an article instead of an ad as this is more informative and trustworthy. 

Businesses need to hire a professional public relations company to acquire more customers and ensure better sustainability and profitability. 

Investing on a PR campaign is a wise decision every business owner should make as this is where the survival and success of the business greatly depends on. 

For businesses who aim to expand their brand and have their voices heard locally and globally, here are some of the best PR companies in Phoenix to partner with.  

Best PR Companies in Phoenix, AZ 2021

AZ Highground

The AZ Highground have over 50 years combined experience on Arizona issues. They provide their client's with a success-oriented in every work they do.

AZ Highground is a public relations agency composed of media and public and government affairs experts. They specialize in helping companies and businesses acquire leads and customers through a highly-strategic PR campaign.  

The firm develops statistics-based marketing campaigns geared towards acquiring leads and boosting awareness among the general public. Their services include public relations, voter surveys, government affairs and strategic communications. 

AZ Highground is a proud member of the SRP, Maricopa County and City of Yuma. They are also awarded the 2020 Reed Awards Conference’s Best Online Videos for Campaigns and Elections.  

DRA Collective

DRA Collective aims to help business and organizations visions into a memorable results.

DRA Collective is a public relations company made up of professional marketers, artists, journalists and researchers, making them one of the most diverse PR firms in the Phoenix area. 

They specialize in company branding that’s geared towards dominating new markets and attracting customers to avail their client’s offerings. This enables the firm to help companies and organizations acquire new leads to improve sustainability. 

The company offers marketing and advertising, strategic planning, research and public relations services. They implement these by first analyzing their client’s goals, status and target audience. 

Their highly-specialized PR services are aimed at maximizing reach and engagement. Their most notable clients are Valley Leadership, Ensemble Real Estate Solutions, Desert Ridge and Flinn Foundation.  


Lavidge is the no. 1 Phoenix ad and marketing agency providing strategy, creative, UX/UI, content, technology, social, public relations, multi-cultural and media & programmatic services.

Lavidge is a public relations company focusing on improving their client’s marketability to target customers through an engaging and informative PR campaign. 

Having been operating since 1982, Lavidge has served clients from various industries, proving their capability of handling and solving different marketing issues. The firm implements their PR services through a highly-strategic lead-generating approach for fast ROI. 

The services they offer are digital marketing, advertising and branding. Their usual clients come from the healthcare, business services, and retail industries. They are also a well-decorated firm having won the 2018 Azima Tim Awards and the 2018 Addy’s.  


Riester is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency that makes the client's vision into real life.

Riester is a digital advertising and marketing company specializing in public relations and branding. It was founded in 1989, with the goal of helping small businesses compete with bigger ones.

The firm currently serves SMEs, large enterprises, and non-profit organizations in building their brand and connecting with their target audience. Riester helps clients tap into new markets without using hyper-aggressive PR campaigns. 

Minimalistic and humanized PR approaches enable them to lower costs and improve customer engagement. They provide advertising, brand planning, digital marketing, social media marketing and multicultural communication services.  

HMA Public Relations

HMA Public Relations is one of the most experienced PR firms in Phoenix. They fulfill all of their clients' communications needs.

Founded in 1980, HMA Public Relations grew from a simple PR firm to a full-service digital advertising and marketing communications company. 

Their goal is to secure their client’s market recognition through an informative and engaging PR campaign backed by the latest digital marketing strategies such as social media, SEO and content creation. 

They approach PR through a holistic and performance-driven digital advertising services such as content marketing, media relations, event planning, content marketing and crisis communications. These ensure that customers receive the message that companies and organizations want to share. 

HMA Public Relations is a member of The 100 Companies, Valley Leadership, Entrepreneur’s Organization and The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  

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