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Best PR Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021

Public relations is an effective marketing strategy to improve a business’ brand, profitability and long-term sustainability. As a testament to its effectiveness, study shows that the global public relations industry revenue is expected to increase from $14 billion generated in 2016 to more or less $19.3 billion by 2020. In the U.S. alone, PR firms generated as much as $13.5 billion in 2016 and is expected to take a huge piece of the pie chart in 2020.

Compared to traditional advertising which oversells a brand, PR provides a straightforward and transparent approach to marketing the business without appearing as an advertisement. 

In fact, a study shows that 70% of consumers prefer seeing a press release article instead of an advertisement. With this, it’s important for companies to invest in a PR campaign to remain relevant in the industry. 

Companies who believe PR is the way to go should look at five of the best PR companies in San Antonio, TX.  

Best PR Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021

Sammis Ochoa

Sammis Ochoa is a full-services PR firm in San Antonio. Their services includes Media Relations, Social Media, Event Management, Community Programming, Internal Communications and Strategic Planning.

Sammis Ochoa is a full-service PR company best known for humanizing brands and improving customer engagement through a minimalist, yet effective digital marketing campaign. The company does this by first analyzing their client’s market position and then forecasting the latest trends to ensure campaign success. 

Their main goal is to improve media presence by providing accurate, easy-to-understand, and engaging PR content made for maximum lead conversion. Sammis Ochoa offers a wide variation of PR services such as social media, media relations, community programming, event management, internal communications and strategic planning. 

Their clientele is currently expanding to the real estate and education sectors as well, with the most notable ones being IDEA Schools, Gourdough’s Public House and Weston Urban.  

KGB Texas

KGB Texas offers Public Relations, Advertising and Public Affairs Services. They have a solid personal relationships to their clients that made them as one of the best PR Companies in San Antonio.

Founded in 1994, KGB Texas Communications has grown from being a simple communications firm to becoming one of the most recognized PR agencies in San Antonio. The company is composed of 35 professionals well-versed in marketing, social media, IT and public relations. 

This enables KGB to offer output-based PR services aimed at improving lead generation and conversion. Their marketing services include digital advertising, social media management, public affairs, content creation and media strategization. 

Their most notable clients are IBC Bank, Walmart, Taco Cabana, Southwest Airlines and the Texas Disposal Systems.  

Noisy Trumpet

Noisy Trumpet is a integrated digital marketing and public relations agency. They help their clients through increasing brand awareness, identifying new and and relevant opportunities.

Noisy Trumpet is a public relations firm that offers integrated digital marketing services to companies and organizations wanting to improve branding and long-term profitability. 

The agency is made up of marketing, PR and IT experts who are well-versed in digital advertising, social media marketing, and website development. What makes Noisy Trumpet stand out is their unique and innovative approach to public relations where they combine aggressive marketing with accurate and factual PR. 

The firm believes that public relations must be implemented through a holistic process, which is why they combine social media and digital marketing to their PR services for maximum effectiveness. 

Their key clients are the American Heart Association, SWBC Global and Triumph Over Kid Cancer. They also won silver for the Telly’s Best Directing and Cinematography awards.  

Cavazos PR

Cavazos PR is a public relations company that can always commit to their clients that they can help in achieving their marketing goals thoughtfully through their teamwork and results-oriented public relations.

Cavazos PR is a full-service marketing and public relations agency best known for combining artistic creativity with informative knowledge aimed at improving market presence, brand appeal and customer retention. 

The company has over 3 decades of experience in public relations, making them a trusted brand in digital advertising and branding. Generating fast results made to last for the long-term is one of their best assets. 

The services Cavazos PR offers are public relations, advertising, creative consultation, strategic planning, special events collaboration, research, translation services and newsletter campaigns.  

ESD and Associates

ESD and Associates is a public relations company that helps brands sell more through Strategy and campaigns, branding, advertising and media, digital marketing, communications and PR.

ESD and Associates is a digital marketing company that specializes in public relations and web design. Their goal is to boost their clients’ business profitability by improving branding and speeding up customer acquisition. 

They do this by developing functional and engaging web design that’s supported by a high-converting public relations campaign that sets their clients apart from their competition. The firm believes that companies need to actively engage with consumers to gain recognition and convert leads to sales. 

Combining content marketing, web design and development and SEO to their public relations services speeds up brand awareness in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner. The firm caters mostly to tech, finance, business services and healthcare sectors. However, they recently expanded their PR services to non-profit organizations and freelancers.

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