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Best PR Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

A good public relations (PR) team can help any business establish effective communication between itself and the general public. PR companies are being relied upon more and more in recent times, with the industry having an aggregate revenue of nearly $14 billion in the United States alone in 2018. It has also employed tens of thousands of people to service clients’ marketing needs.

The industry is expected to stay on its growth trajectory in the coming years due to the persisting need for businesses to manage their reputation as more people see an increase in household income and better connectivity to the internet, according to market research from IBIS World.

San Diego in southern California is home to over 50 PR firms and this does not include freelance firms or specialized PR companies that only cater to specific sectors. 

Businesses and organizations looking to increase their visibility and boost their reputation can look at these top five PR firms found in San Diego, CA.

Best PR Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

Experia Creative

Experia Creative is a PR agency in San Diego and Santa Barbara. They also specialize in web design, graphic design, branding, logo design, digital marketing, brand strategy and social media management.

Experia Creative positions itself as a full-service creative agency with nearly a decade and a half of experience. Founded in 2006 by Greg Russo as a boutique graphic and web design company specializing in small businesses, the firm has grown with time and has become an agency that orients itself to its clients’ needs in a mobile world.

The company offers services such as web design, graphic design and branding. It handles marketing and social media as well. The agency’s primary driver is user experience that influences how people relate to a brand.

Experia has served clients such as the used car company McCarthy’s San Louis Obispo, IT firm Level4 Solutions and Tapit Brewing Co. It has clients from various industries including construction, entertainment, education and pet food.

The agency has been named among the top 10 branding agencies in San Diego by Expertise, a firm that rates local businesses based on various criteria such as reputation, credibility, professionalism and experience.

Mixte Communications

Mixte Communications works with businesses that want nice things for our communities and offers a special blend of content marketing and public relations.

Mixte Communications is a digital communications and public relations firm founded in 2015 and led by CEO Jamie Hampton. The company works with businesses that are oriented towards community development such as non-profits, small businesses and startups.

The company aims to build organizations’ brand identity and community influence through its various services including branding, graphics, strategic messaging and influencer marketing by engaging popular people to promote their clients. Mixte also provides support for businesses internal communications capacities and trains executives for media interviews and presentations.

The agency serves clients in fields such as education, social justice and environmental activism in addition to working with small businesses.

Mixte has bagged 10 industry awards last year and 15 in 2018. It also won the PRSA San Diego Public Relations Team of the Year Award in 2019.

BAM Communications

BAM Communications is a San Diego-based PR firm that mostly caters fintech and cybersecurity firms. They have been recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur as one of the best firms in the area.

BAM Communications is a San Diego-based firm that has operations in both the east and west coasts. The company was founded in 2008 and has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. 

The company offers public relations, media relations, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and production services for its clients. It runs a team called BAMx that provides startups and venture capitalists (VCs) with PR and marketing support over 60-90 days to achieve short-term goals using strategies that incorporate data and insights.

Its clients come from various technology fields including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, edtech, and healthtech.

BAM measures its results through data analysis and has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Forbes and Entrepreneur.


KCD PR is a top public relations firm that provides communications counsel for motivated leaders in Financial Services, FinTech and B2B industries.

KCD PR was founded by Kevin Dinino, a public relations professional specializing in financial PR for over ten years. The firm has a network of influential business media outlets that sets it apart from the competition and helps serve its clients effectively.

The agency believes it has cracked the code for successful public relations and says its calculated steps can help nail its clients’ objectives. KCD operates a full-service agency that offers PR strategy, media relations, marketing, brand awareness campaigns and crisis communication to businesses. The firm operates on multiple platforms such as print and online.

Clients include both public and private businesses in the financial services, fintech, blockchain, transportation and professional services sector. The agency lists Atria Wealth, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments and Pacific Life among its top clientele. 

Some of its key projects include shareholder activism communication for AIG Advisor Group, where it managed the narrative around the spin-off of the company’s wealth management business and handled AIG’s brand separation messaging.

Lee and London Public Relations

Lee and London is a top boutique PR firm based in So Cal that serves clients nationwide. Focus areas include consumer products and apps, startups, special events, nonprofits, interior design and retail.

Lee and London is a San Diego-based boutique Public Relations agency serving clients across California and nationwide. We focus on consumer products, special events, action sports, nonprofits/charities, interior design, hospitality, retail, and small business launches.

Lee & London team members have culminated extensive portfolios over the course of their careers—from Capitol Hill to Hollywood— working across multiple industries for a diverse array of clientele. From strategic PR programs and social media campaigns to digital advertising, copywriting and media tours, our team will help craft the right PR strategy to deliver results.

Our business has been generated 90% from referrals. We’re confident that few if any, other agencies can say this. Our clients believe in our results, trust our counsel and value our relationships enough to refer us to help others grow their businesses.

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