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Best PR Companies in San Jose, CA 2021

Public Relations was initially thought of as a tool to leverage when a brand or organization is facing a challenging issue. However, public relations campaigns can help boost knowledge about a brand, an event, or the cause of a nonprofit. It can create effective PR campaigns that speak directly to the target audience. 

With the rise of social media platforms and the growing use of the Internet, public relations became a must for businesses of all kinds and sizes. According to statistics, a stronger corporate image can boost the stock price by an average of 5-7%. Also, an additional 67% per month was generated by B2B companies who turned to blogging as a PR strategy compared to those businesses that opt to pass up on this opportunity. Given that 247% of millennials can easily be influenced by social media, it is time for brands to come up with a great PR strategy to boost their image.

For businesses looking to run a marketing campaign or have someone to run to when crisis strikes, here are some top PR companies to partner with.

Best PR Companies in San Jose, CA 2021

PRX Digital

PRX Digital provides public relations, content creation and marketing strategies with proven results. They delivers lead generation, content marketing and social engagement geared towards helping businesses and organizations achieve their goal.

PRX Digital is a digital marketing company established in 1975, and over the years have successfully produced over 200 video campaigns and won over 100 awards in the field. The company focuses on consultation and communication plans to meet their clients’ organization goals. 

They focus on the field of public relations, marketing communications, branding and content creation by using the latest technologies in expanding market reach through SEO, email campaigns and events marketing. 

PRX Digital’s biggest clients are Stockton Metropolitan Airport, Health Trust, Cypress, Santa Clara County and Coastal Kids Homecare. They have also served numerous other nonprofit organizations.  

Global Fluency

Global Fluency is a marketing, communications and public relations agency with expertise in brand strategy, demand generation, and content marketing. Global Fluency’s work encompasses a wide range of businesses engaged in different industries.

Global Fluency is a multi-dimensional marketing company that provides clients an innovative and modern approach to business marketing. The firm is in constant search for new ways and trends that would boost advertising campaigns in a more cost-efficient and effective manner. 

They use an integrated Intelligent Market Engagement (IME) system to expand reach and influence target customers. This sets their clients’ market agenda, grows brand relevance and mindshare and opens new business opportunities with the influx of new ideas.  

They offer strategy and planning, branding, go-to-market, demand generation, public relations and social media solutions mostly to tech, retail and business services companies. 

Global Fluency’s clients are BPI Network, CMO Council, Customer Experience, GeoBranding Center and Content ROI Center.  

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