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Best SEO Companies in New York, NY 2021

Are you looking to build a sustainable future for your website? Partner with the agency that was named SEO Company of the Year. We have a proven record of achieving your ultimate goal...more conversions! The structure of a webpage and its content is only a piece to the SEO puzzle, but a very important piece. We perform best-in-class optimization with our proven techniques.

Best SEO Companies in New York, NY 2021

Sure Oak

Full-service SEO firm
Sure Oak

Sure Oak caters to both small and big brands, with business trusting the pool of influencers that make up its small team. Relatively newer than the other New York SEO companies, Sure Oak has built a reputation for providing proven strategies and its performance speaks for itself. 

Sure Oak can help any business scale up and boost organic traffic to their site or social media. It makes complex SEO, keyword optimization and target content strategies easier for any client new to the industry. 

It promises to make things easy for any brand or service, working with them hand-in-hand to make sure clients understand what they want and how to achieve it.

Smart Sites

Award Wining Digital Marketing Agency. Think Web, Think Smart.
Sure Oak

With a decade of experience under its belt, SmartSites has helped transform businesses  across New York and beyond since 2011. The company offers a range of services depending on what owners want to achieve with their websites or online business.  SmartSite offers design services, led by a team of talented designers. The company also offers website development, e-commerce development, and PPC marketing services – all three are designed to improve the business’ online presence and tap that target market owners are eyeing for. To top, it offers expert SEO services, helping clients achieve page one ranking.  Some of its notable clients are South Florida Distillers and the Application Associates, with over 400+ satisfied clients. It has so far completed over 700 projects, leaving a trail of satisfied clients praising the company for how it has transformed their businesses.  

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard’s BrandTenders always serve up something distinct
Sure Oak

With branches across NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, Lounge Lizard has built a reputation as a company who can help build a strong online presence for services and brands. Despite a staff count of less 50 employees, the company still offers top-notch SEO, website, email marketing as well as digital advertising services at reasonable prices. 

It has also handled clients in different industries – from accounting to agriculture, hospitality to insurance, food industry to real estate, and many more. Some of its notable clients include ESPN, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, and IBM. 

In September 2019, the company successfully created a mobile app for AERCO, a known manufacturer of cost-effective boilers and water heaters used across schools and healthcare organizations, helping the brand become more accessible to others.


Data-Driven Digital Marketing Service Company
Sure Oak

Recognized by none other than Google as the Best SEO firm in NYC, the company has helped transformed businesses into the reputable organizations they are today. Included among its roster of clients are established brands like Skype, WordPress, Wix, and RSG Media, among others. 

Its outstanding SEO services has been recognized in the industry, with Gvate consistently receiving awards from Clutch.Co and Course Horse. and has also repeatedly recognized it as a company offering top-notch graphic design, web development, and SEO services in NYC. 

The company is known as an efficient online marketing company in NYC, offering a range of SEO and online marketing solutions for businesses to rank well online and catch the attention of their target market.


Award-winning digital marketing services company providing Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing

WebiMax has received countless awards and accolades for leading the industry in SEO services. The in-house strategy team understands what it takes for websites to rank #1 on Google for keywords that will provide ROI. As Google evolves, WebiMax remans in lockstep with their best practices. Any business looking to see what WebiMax can offer them through industry leading SEO services can take advantage of a free no-obligation 11-page SEO analysis, which provides a letter grade on current SEO practices, recommendations to improve the website, and insights into the security, usability and performance of the website.

There are a lot of SEO marketing agencies but only one WebiMax. Over the last 11 years, the WebiMax team has helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the digital marketing space. Three constants in WebiMax’s SEO service play a large role in their dominance of the digital marketing industry. Every client is assigned a dedicated marketing manager to guide them, every client utilizes a short-term contract allowing them to judge the company based on results, and WebiMax has always provided comprehensive monthly reporting, which offers complete transparency throughout the process. There are countless factors in play in SEO, and every one of them plays a part in a website’s ability to rank for a desired keyword. For example, WebiMax will ensure the site structure is optimized to rank for desired search queries. Other factors included in SEO campaigns include: stronger content, relevant backlinks, increased usability, social engagement and more. To receive a free SEO analysis from the WebiMax strategy team, visit

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