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Best SEO Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

Digital marketing is taking the lead against traditional marketing. A survey revealed that 64% of consumers who viewed an online ad on a social networking platform significantly influenced their decision to purchase the product. Additionally, 72% of those who made an online query ended up visiting a store that’s within five miles of their location.

In terms of the impact of digital marketing on sales, it proved a valuable tool in achieving business success. A 2018 B2B Content Marketing survey revealed that 72% of marketers said that good content was a crucial element among businesses that posted great returns during the year. 

Businesses in the San Diego area should look through these firms if they are hunting for help with their digital marketing campaigns. These companies do not only offer search engine optimization (SEO) but also other key digital marketing services.

Best SEO Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is built on a passion for digital marketing.

Cited by Clutch as the number one search engine marketing firm in the U.K., Canada, and the US, Ignite Visibility continues its excellence by focusing on innovation, integrity, commitment, and dedication. John Lincoln and Kris Coughran formed the full-service digital marketing agency in 2013. Its mission is to provide the most comprehensive online marketing campaign with a great level of customer service. 

The agency offers services like search engine optimization, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, public relations, and web design and development. Its SEO service stands out among others as its team is composed of professionals that also teach SEO marketing at UC San Diego and is headed by one of the top SEO consultants in the industry.

Its portfolio includes providing digital marketing campaigns for National Funding, The General Insurance, and 5-Hour Energy.


NextLeft is an SEO company and a digital content marketing agency. It amplifies the presence of its clients through SEO and content marketing.

NextLeft aims to create a digital landscape composed of helpful and relevant content that would be of use to people. Founded by industry veteran John McKusick, the agency is full of former employees of national digital marketing agency Geary LSF. The digital advertising agency is made up of writers, designers, and technologists. These people possess a diverse set of backgrounds ranging from B2C and B2B marketing, eCommerce SEO, and content marketing.

The agency offers a full range of digital advertising services including content management and digital strategy. It also specializes in SEO services. NextLeft’s vision is to come up with a digital marketing environment that cuts out all the noise and provide businesses the traffic they need. It can deliver results by focusing on strategy, the use of available technology and tools, on-time execution, and focus on quality conversions.

In its years of operation, NextLeft has worked with several businesses. It helped greeting card manufacturer Hallmark improve its ranking and visibility in online search engines, as well as providing effective promotion and content management strategies. The agency has also provided SEO services for Monkey Sports, Gilmour, and Fiskars.

Titan Growth

Titan Growth is an award-winning, technology-driven, SEO & Paid Media agency with patented search engine spider technology that achieves great results for its clients.

Titan Growth started as Titan SEO in 2004 with founder Danny Shepherd. Since its inception, the agency has been focused on providing results-driven SEO and paid media campaigns that allow its clients to achieve growth in all areas. 

TitanBOT is the agency’s proprietary search engine tool that allows better crawling of any business website. This technology allows Titan Growth to emulate the algorithm used by major online search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. TitanBOT provides the ability to visualize all nodes, internal links, and site architecture. With such a tool onhand, the agency can determine what needs to improve on their clients’ websites and suggest sound recommendations. 

The agency is also one of the most recognized digital advertising companies in the U.S. It was named as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine in 2009 until 2017. Titan Growth was recognized as among the top .1% in the Premier Partner Program of search engine Google in 2019. It was also named as one of the fastest-growing companies in the San Diego area during the same year.

CNG Digital Marketing

A top-rated digital marketing agency in San Diego, CNG Digital Marketing provides groundbreaking web design and SEO marketing services for small businesses with ROI guaranteed.

CNG Digital Marketing attacks digital campaigns by assessing what its client has already put in place and improving on it. One of the things that the agency can offer is by building a responsive web site. On top of this, they boost a client’s online presence through efficient search engine optimization strategies, pay-per-click advertising, and content management. 

It is a digital marketing agency that delivers results. CNG believes that it can do such through innovation, unique digital marketing tactics, great focus on maintaining a good business relationship, and having a mindset that’s aligned with the client’s growth agenda.

The agency has worked with businesses in different industries. It helped cannabidiol manufacturer Hemp Labs with the development of its online presence, the establishment of a great B2B reputation, and rolling out a digital marketing campaign. 

CNG’s excellence in what it does is best proven by its numerous awards. The agency has received the Best Innovation Award from CSSDA, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego, and the 2020 National Excellence Award.

Saba SEO San Diego

Saba SEO San Diego is an SEO company that strives to help its clients generate qualified leads, grow revenue, increase online visibility & branding.

Going the extra mile is the principle Saba SEO lives by to maintain its premium standing among the SEO firms in the San Diego, California area. It can accomplish such a feat because they are a team of storytellers, strategists, and creative designers who fully understand the needs of their clients. Given this, they can deliver any client’s expectations of what a digital marketing campaign should be. 

The agency offers a full range of digital marketing services. It provides SEO, social media management, pay-per-click management, and web design and development among others. 

Through the years, Saba SEO has worked with companies like home care solution provider Home Care Assistance, insurance firm American Tri-Star Insurance Services, and immigration law specialist Kazmi & Sakata Law.

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