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Best Video Production Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

Brand recognition is necessary for survival, which is why businesses need to implement an effective marketing approach to ensure maximum profitability and fast ROI. One good way is by having an aggressive, yet highly effective video advertising approach. 

According to a report, 91% of marketers consider video content as integral to the success of a marketing campaign. Another study also states that nearly 100% of surveyed marketers are willing to integrate videos into advertisements in the long run due to their proven effectiveness in acquiring leads. 

Hence, it’s crucial for companies to hire a video production agency to boost business profitability in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 

Here are the best video production companies in Charlotte.  

Best Video Production Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

360 Visuals

360 Visuals is Charlotte’s full-service video production agency for brands looking to clinch the #1 spot in their industry.

360 Visuals is a full-service video production company focusing on educating, entertaining their client’s customers through professional video content. 

Having over 15 years of experience in the industry, 360 Visuals grew from a small team of passionate videographers to a full-house team of filmmakers, marketers, graphic artists, and creatives. 

The services they offer are broadcast video, video advertisements, and corporate photography. Their clients mostly come from the tech and finance industries such as Verizon, AvidXChange, Family Dollar, and Continental Tire.  

i360 Marketing

i360 Marketing is a Charlotte web design and Charlotte marketing agency. Their services include local SEO, social media marketing, web design and more.

A Charlotte-based creatives firm, i360 has grown from a full-fledged video production-only agency to an all-out digital marketing company due to their excellence in converting video content to leads and sales. 

They offer a full range of cost-efficient and performance-driven creative marketing services such as SEO, PPC, website design and development, social media marketing, and ecommerce. 

What makes them stand out is their ability to communicate value and empathy to their clients’ customers by humanizing brands and tapping into the psychology of effective marketing. 

They do this by analyzing their clients’ market status, target demographic, and long-term goals. Their clients mostly come from the health care, real estate, and professional services industry.  

Spiracle Buzz

Spiracle Media built to tell stories through video content agency that focuses on video storytelling, aerial videography, audio and live streaming.

Operating in the video production industry since 2011, Spiracle Buzz focuses on creating engaging narratives on developed video content to boost brand awareness and profitability of businesses. 

They are best known for implementing thorough research on their clients to assess exact advertising preferences, target audience, and needed video marketing approach. The company is able to do this thanks to their professional journalistic background. 

The services they offer are video narratives, animation, social media marketing, commercial development, live streaming events, and real-time editing. 

They have recently expanded their services by offering photography, audio podcasts,and voice over services to startups and non-profit organizations.  

Advanced Video and Digital Services

Advanced Video and Digital Services is a Video Production Company that makes a high quality video in Charlotte, NC. They are providing their clients with superior videography services, regardless of the nature of the project.

Advanced Video and Digital Services is a full-service video production company specializing in digital production and development. The agency's core strength is their holistic beginning-to-end production service which includes project planning, shooting, editing, and marketing the end product. 

Their goal is to provide quality digital services aimed at boosting ROI and new customer acquisition through engaging and informative video content. 

The firm uses the latest video technology to develop and produce highly-engaging content for SMEs and large enterprises mostly coming from the tech, business services, and financial sector. They also offer duplication transfer and legal video services.  

The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency is a digital-centric, integrated advertising agency that helps their clients grow.

The Brandon Agency is one of the top video production companies in Charlotte as it is the only accredited brand strategy firm in the locality. They are composed of performance-driven marketing experts, creatives, graphic artists, and filmmakers who prefer service minimalism to ensure utmost efficiency. 

They have worked on a number of successful marketing campaigns and programs for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies belonging to the finance and banking, healthcare, tourism, and real estate industries. 

They are best known as brand strategists that deeply analyze market trends to develop high-converting creative campaigns aimed at boosting branding and business profitability. 

Their most sought-out services are advertising, media planning, and public relations. The Brando Agency’s most notable clients are Continental Tire,  Allied Air, Williams Knife, Security Finance, Green Giant, Brittain Resorts and Hotels, and HTC.  

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