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Best Video Production Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Consumers prefer visual content over regular texts as these are more engaging and informative. According to a report, visitors spend more time on a website that has videos compared to those that don't have any. Another study also states 54% of consumers want marketers to use video content when advertising as these are easier to understand and more enjoyable. 

It’s vital for businesses to implement a well-knit video advertising strategy to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace. Doing so will expand a business' reach locally and globally, and that's the growth trajectory every company should be aiming for.

Here are the best video production companies in Columbus, Ohio. 

Best Video Production Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Mills James

Mills James is an employee-owned company who supports clients with their expert teams of creative and technical innovators.

Mills James is a video production company composed of over 180 video and photography experts. Their main selling point is their ability to create deep human connections crucial to bringing their client’s brand closer to consumers. 

They produce a wide assortment of video content such as event videos, broadcast spots, TV programs, social media campaigns, and employee training. The firm has their own teleproduction center featuring 10 editing suites, 3 soundstages, and 7 visual effects suites. 

The firm combines strategic direction, theme development, and presentation content development on their video production process for a more dynamic and fast-paced campaign that converts well. 

Mills James has served numerous Fortune 500 companies such as CNN, Abbot, Avon and ESPN. 

They have also worked with non-profit organizations, startups, and SMEs like Net Jets, Harmony Project, and Safelite Autoglass. The company is a Livestream enterprise-level affiliate.  

Ohio HD Video

Ohio HD Video positions itself to help the producers, agencies, and clients we work with to accomplish even the most advanced creative visions.

Ohio HD Video is a Columbus-based video production agency focused on helping agencies, producers, and businesses utilize the best video marketing strategies to improve profitability and customer retention. 

This is made possible thanks to the firm’s jack-of-all-trades team who are experts in videography, photography, marketing, and SEO. The firm is well-equipped with a wide assortment of in-house industrial-grade shooting equipment such as a Bolt Cinebot and Phantom Flex 4K. 

These enable them to elaborate their client’s brand and make them more engaging to consumers. Ohio HD has a 4,200 square-foot studio space where video and audio productions take place. This speeds up video content development while maintaining affordable rates.  


Kinopiz wants their clients to know that whether their organization is an essential service or not, they have production solutions in place that can continue creating great content while working safely.

Kinopicz American is a video production and creative studio firm focusing on live-action development, motion design, and digital branding. Aside from video production, the firm also provides front-end web development on Joomla and WordPress. 

Their high attention to detail and sleek web and video outputs are some of the things that makes them standout in the industry. The firm also collaborates deeply wih companies to ensure detail-specific information, crucial in creating a highly-customized advertising experience. 

Kinopicz is best known for their ability to create alluring narratives that provide value and spark interest on their clients’new market. They also have a 5,000 square-foot studio and over 2,300 square-foot of soundstage. 

Their highly-sought out services are script development, animational and motion design, web and digital production, and concept and branding development. 

The company mostly serve companies from the financial, marketing, and consumer retail industries, with their most notable clients being Huntington National Bank, Lbrands, Nationwide, Prudential, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Walmart, and Wendy's.  

Brainstorm Media Inc

Brainstorm Media creates award winning video and audio content. Full service production company with 8 edit suites, a large sound stage, 2 state-of-the-art audio suites and a team of professionals experienced in production; from creative and script writing to final output and live events.

Brainstorm Media is the go-to video production agency of businesses needing professional video and audio content for marketing and advertising purposes. The company has 8 edit suites, 2 audio suites, and a sound stage on their in-house studio. 

This lowers production costs and speeds up development because outsourcing isn’t necessary. Brainstorm Media specializes in video development and producing documentary-style films and promotions. 

They also provide motion graphics, 2D and 3D development, animation, podcast hosting, and social media marketing services for a holistic and performance-driven video marketing campaign. 

Storytelling is one of their strengths as they create interesting storylines around their client’s brands to make them more compelling. Their key clients are ABC, Blueprint Columbus, Brainstorm Media, and Capital University TV.  

Warman Productions

Warman Production is a full service video production company, based in Columbus, Ohio, serving clients worldwide. Through video, they bring clients vision to life.

A full-service media and video production company, Warman Productions has been serving companies in and around the Columbus-area for over 4 decades. 

They implement their video development process by ensuring an engaging, informative, and no-non-sense storyline for maximum marketability. Flexibility and in-depth analysis are some of the firm’s greatest strengths, making them a favorite for companies having complex branding concepts. 

The services they offer are concept creation, talent acquisition, 4K videography, research and development, camera systems, video editing, Blue-Ray authoring, and motion graphics. Their most notable clients are Owens Corning, Century National Bank, Madison Health, Germain of Columbus, Motorists Mutual Insurance, and Agent Event Opening.  

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