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Best Video Production Companies in Houston, TX 2021

Businesses need to adapt to the current trend not only to maintain profitability but also to survive. One such trend is that consumers prefer to buy if they see an actual video of the offering. 

In fact, businesses having product videos on their website have an 80% higher conversion rate than those that don’t. Another report also states that 74% of consumers buy a product if there’s an accompanying video of it. 

Companies wanting to fully utilize today’s current technical resources to boost profitability need to invest on an aggressive, yet highly-synthesized video advertising campaign. 

Here are the best video production companies in Houston. 

Best Video Production Companies in Houston, TX 2021

Adit Company

Adit Company is a digital marketing company that offers the most robust and relevant marketing strategies to its clients.

Adit is a digital marketing company offering a variety of online marketing services to companies wanting to improve branding and increase sales within their respective industries. They specialize in SEO, web design, and web development. 

The agency has a keen eye on developing aesthetically-pleasing content that improves user engagement and boosts brand awareness. 

The agency has driven over $25 million in profit for their more than 750 clients. The firm’s main services include website design, SEO, Google and Facebook Ads, and social media marketing which focuses on video promotion and advertising. 

They have served startups, SMEs, and top-tier enterprises alike, some of them being Eyedeology, Avenue33, Toothworks Calgary, and My Optometrist.  

Pop Video

Pop Video is a video production agency based in Houston, TX. It is also an award-winning agency that develops impactful video production campaigns for B2B companies.

Pop Video is a company composed by a team of visual content creators who are passionate in helping companies stand out through visually-appealing media content. 

The firm, which aims to be the future of visual marketing, specializes in producing performance-driven videos made for maximum conversion. They do this by implementing a visual content strategy that’s tailor-made to the industry and branding of their client. 

This way, they are able to ensure immediate success for their client’s marketing campaign without using too much resources, thus making the rebranding process cost-effective. 

Minimalism and efficiency on their animations, videos, infographics, and more interactive media, are what makes Pop Video stand out. They also offer affordable, yet effective content marketing and transcription services to SMEs and freelance clients.  

Bright Star Productions

Great gear is the key to the perfect lighting and sound for special events like weddings, social gatherings, and corporate conferences.

Bright Star Productions is a one-stop-shop for companies needing video production services for social events like weddings, corporate affairs, fashion shows, and birthdays. 

The video production company is equipped with the experience, education, passion, and state-of-the-art media equipment that translates to superior video marketing and coverage services to businesses wanting to boost sales and increase clientele. 

The firm is sought-out for their lighting design and creative events coverage, which they have been offering since 1986. Bright Star Productions is a multi-awarded company, having won the 2018 ILEA International Crystal Icon and 2019 NACE Awards.  

Studio Brand Collective

Studio Brand is a Houston digital marketing, branding agency and marketing firm, specializing digital media marketing strategies, implementation and analytics.

Studio Brand Collective is a branding and marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses improve their brands and maximize income returns through video production, content management, and SEO.

The firm’s main focus is fully utilizing digital space through their exclusive creation and execution strategy. This ensures continuous market profitability for their clients. 

Aside from strategic branding, they also offer online advertising, content creation, social media management, SEO, MMS, and editorial consultancy services. Their clients are mostly coming from the restaurant, professional services, and health and beauty industries. 

Studio Brand Collective has won numerous awards, such as the 2017 AMA Marketer of The Year, 2017 Silver Quill Excellence, 2015 Marcom Gold and Honorable Mention, and the 2015 Crystals.  

Marketing Refresh

Marketing Refresh works directly with business leadership teams responsible for growing their revenue through a wide array of marketing strategies.

Marketing Refresh is a Houston-based video production company that has a special knack for advertising as they are composed mainly of marketing experts who implement various digital marketing strategies to thrust a company’s brand appeal and profitability. 

They approach their digital marketing services by implementing an analyze, execute, and manage process. They believe this is the most efficient way of handling rebranding for their clients that are struggling to stand out from their respective saturated industries. 

The firm, which has been operating since 2009, offers content management, marketing and digital strategy, web design, logo design, and social media marketing services to clients mostly coming from the tech, events, and finance sectors. 

Marketing Refresh are partners with Sprout Social and WP Engine, which gives their services an effective, high-converting, and user-friendly experience.  

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