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Best Video Production Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Content matters when a business establishes itself online. While the look and functionality of a site can easily turn away potential customers, poor content can also contribute to this. Aside from blogging and images, video content is increasing in popularity and greatly helps in converting leads.

Various studies have shown the importance of content - 72% of marketers claimed that content marketing was significant in increasing engagement for brands. In terms of the importance of video content, 40% of millennials said they would stop what they are doing when they see some video content online. And businesses that invested in video contents were immediately rewarded for their boldness. Aberdeen Group revealed that 66% more leads were recorded by marketers who made use of video in their online marketing campaign.

Businesses looking to improve their branding or communicating effectively with their customers should try videos to send their message through. Brands and businesses searching for an agency to partner and create a video for them should read on to find out more about these video production companies in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Best Video Production Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Media Fuel Digital Agency

Media Fuel is a full-service website design and digital marketing agency that also offers video production services. It helps small and major brands make some noise online.

Media Fuel has been helping businesses with their digital marketing needs in the past 15 years. The agency is best known for its integrated approach of mix-and-matching different marketing approaches to achieve its client’s goals. 

One thing that makes this digital marketing agency stand out is that it approaches every project with a fresh idea that guarantees results. As a full-service outfit, Media Fuel offers branding and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing, and video and animation production. Given its wide range of services and the over 50 years of combined experiences of its people, it is a guarantee that they know and can be considered as one of the best in what they do.

The agency was behind the product video of collaborative tools provider Passageways. Media Fuel was asked to help introduce Passageways’ OnBoard software, a tool that makes it easier to prepare for meetings. The main dilemma for this project was to come up with an efficient way to promote and explain the features of the software. Media Fuel successfully created a video highlighting the benefits of OnBoard in a catchy and attractive way.

The agency is also behind the digital marketing campaigns of businesses like DEEM Electrical Mechanical, Breedlove Dobbs, and Hay + Sons.

Angry Ape

Angry Ape is a marketing and design agency that focuses on client needs for graphic design, video production, website design, marketing, search engine optimization, photography and more

Angry Ape started its graphic design and marketing services back in 2010. Founder and owner Jay Bilunas have been in the design industry since 1999. Earlier in his career, he worked as a designer for a couple of businesses until he decided to start Angry Ape. The agency focuses on serving small to medium-sized businesses with their design and marketing, which includes logo and branding, web design, and social media marketing.

The agency offers a full range of services including logo design, website management, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, photography, and videography. 

A Thoughtful Farewell, Rovidence GIS Solutions, Koorsen University, and The Divine Canine Boutique are some of the clients in the roster of Angry Ape.

Vanguard Media

Vanguard Media is a video production and creative solutions company providing a complete start to finish service for all media.

This Indianapolis-based company comes with over two decades of experience in video production, making them a great candidate to work with on various video projects. The company comes with a full team of professionals that are skilled to deliver innovative video content needed by any kind of business. 

Vanguard Media offers an extensive range of professional video and media production services including video production, field production, editorial and post-production, directing, and producing.

The company has collaborated with businesses and organizations in different industries. It helped create video content for nonprofits, mom-and-pop shops, and creative agencies. Vanguard Media was behind the content for NBC Sports, Subaru, White Pine Pictures, and National Geographic.


Valve+Meter is a leading performance marketing agency specializing in video production, lead generation, creative implementation, and web development & design.

Given that marketing is a complex thing to deal with, it is best to leave it to experts. This is where Valve+Meter comes in and rises to the top. 

This Indianapolis-based full-service digital marketing agency was founded in 2017 and headed by Marcia Bernes, an industry veteran known for leading the exponential growth seen by Defender Direct of Indianapolis. Aside from Bernes, the agency is made up of people experienced in marketing, design, and business.

Businesses looking for a revenue-driven approach in video production should take a look at Valve+Meter. This “performance” digital marketing agency takes all its initiatives with a fresh and innovative take. It is through this “performance” mantra that fuels the agency to deliver real, tangible results to its clients.

Additionally, Valve+Meter takes a “Math before marketing” approach in driving the day-to-day operations of the agency. It means that the agency view marketing as a profit center. This is the principle that allows the agency to deliver financial growth and other goals set by the client.

Movietym Video Productions

Movietym provides a wide range of services including video productions for business, events, and weddings. It also converts all kinds of videotapes to DVD and digital files, including VHS, 8mm, and more.

Movietym Video Productions (MVP) is the go-to video service provider for businesses and individuals in the Indianapolis area. The video production outfit offers services that include business production, photo scanning to digital, recruiting video editing, and wedding video production. 

Owner Kimberley Saylor said that there is a different level of satisfaction after seeing someone smile while watching a particular moment in their life. It is perhaps the reason Saylor and her MVP team exert their best efforts to not only meet their client’s expectations but to go beyond what is expected of them.

MVP knows that video is one of the best ways to increase awareness of any business. Given that, it strives to know its clients deeply and the nature of their business. It is through this process that MVP delivers a gameplan that will bear fruit to a quality video that will suit the needs of its clients.

Indiana-based school Applied Behavior Center for Autism tapped MVP for a facility tour video production. The project aimed to give prospective parents a glimpse of what the school has to offer. MVP delivered with a video showing basic information about the school and the amenities it offers.

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