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Best Video Production Companies in Jacksonville, FL 2021

Videos never fail to evoke interest and internet users can attest to that. In fact, an average person spends 88% more time on a website that has a video than those that don’t have any. 

Another report states that more than 50% of marketers use video marketing for improving brand awareness. Businesses wanting to improve sales, dominate the market, and ensure long-term sustainability can turn to video production firms. Given the statistics, companies investing heavily in this marketing strategy should be a no-brainer.

Here are the top choices for businesses looking for a video production company. 

Best Video Production Companies in Jacksonville, FL 2021

Multiverse Media Group

Multiverse Media Group provides digital marketing and video production for business growth using proven strategies with measurable ROI.

Multiverse Media Group is a digital marketing company specializing in video production and development. Their main goal is to help businesses grow their brand with the use of performance-driven video content and aggressive yet highly effective marketing strategies. 

The company is best known for creating stories around business brands to make them more captivating for consumers. Businesses wanting a stronger web presence and full-house marketing campaign can turn to Multiverse. 

The main services they offer are video production, marketing strategy, and web design and development. 

The company believes that offering these services ensures utmost effectiveness due to the holistic rebranding process. Clients can use the firm’s 2,000 square-foot video production studio in Jacksonville as well.  

The Doohickey Creative

Doohickey Creative is a creative marketing company that specializes in graphic design, website development and helping businesses get noticed.

Doohickey Creative is a marketing firm based in Jacksonville, Florida that specializes in website design and development, graphic design, and video production 

However, the firm recently expanded its services to email marketing creative strategy, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing to cater to the growing needs of today’s highly-competing businesses. 

The firm is also best known for finishing projects fast yet with high-yielding results, whether it be for businesses in the tech, finance, and healthcare industries. 

They pride themselves in ensuring intelligent and data-driven services specially designed to boost conversion and speed up ROI.  

Kennetic Productions

Kennetic Productions provides video production services to clients throughout northeast Florida and nationwide.

A corporate film production company, Kennetic is highly sought-out for their sleek and conversion-driven content that suits corporate and professional businesses. 

They approach video production by analyzing the brand and turning it into something more captivating by providing a unique story. The agency believes that this improves their clients' connection with consumers. 

They also have access to top-of-the-line videography and photography equipment which enables them to operate at top-tier industry-level standards since their founding in 2003. 

Their usual clients come from the tech, finance, and healthcare industries. However, the agency is currently expanding to non-profit organizations to create a diverse clientele. Their most notable clients are JAX USA, TEDx, Adecco Group, and TIAA Bank.  

Craimark Studios

Craimark Studious is a creative marketing agency that supports clients Graphic Design, Website Development, Video Production and Digital Marketing Goals.

Craimark Studios is a creative marketing firm that specializes in boosting businesses’ brands through a well-coordinated video advertising approach. They do this by combining video content with SEO, content, and social media marketing for maximum efficiency. 

The firm offers video production, content writing, graphic design, digital marketing, and web development services that are designed with conversion in mind. They believe that implementing all these services assures long-term sustainability despite market volatility. 

Craimark’s most notable clients are Kaman Aerospace, Intrepid Automotive, Bukata Associates, National Autocare, and Restaurant 101 Specialists. 

The firm is also a proud winner of the Hermes Creative Awards gold award, which proves their excellence in digital marketing.  

Control Alt Digital

Control All Digital is a hardworking team with a passion for all things in digital. Whether you need a website, custom tech, videos, SEO or PPC help.

CTRL+ALT Digital is a full-service digital marketing company that offers web and software development, digital marketing, graphic design, SEO, PPC, analytics, and animation services to SME and large-scale enterprises seeking better branding and market awareness. 

The firm prides themselves as excellent marketing experts who combine technical know-how with creativity and passion. This enables them to function at their best, regardless of their client’s industry and requirements.

 The services they offer are digital marketing, graphic design, video production, branding and positioning, advertising, and web design and development. 

Their biggest clients are Red Bull, American Portfolio Mortgage, Olympus Health and Performance, Liz Morgan, and Jesse James Tree Rangers. 

CTRL+ALT Digital is a decorated marketing firm as it won the UpCity Marketplace Top Ad Agency award. They are also a partner member of WP Engine Agency.  

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