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Best Video Production Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Businesses need to create visually-appealing marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, maximize conversion and for them to stand out in the ever-saturating market.

This makes perfect sense knowing that 97% of marketers agree that videos help increase sales and capture new markets because of their engaging and stimulating factors. 

There is also a study stating that video content can increase click-through rates by up to 200% to 300%. Video production companies are vital to ensure a business’s success, especially that consumers consider offerings with visual content more appealing and valuable compared to those that don’t have any. 

Here are the best video production companies in Philadelphia. 

Best Video Production Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Tweed Video Productions

Tweed Video is a full-service production company based in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. It was founded in 2011 by MTV Alum Louis Sparre.

Tweed Video is a video production company specializing in creating conversion-based video content for artists, startups, and non-profit organizations. 

The agency's goal is to work with not one, but many Fortune 500 companies. Their growing experience and acquisition of state-of-the-art video equipment should be more than enough to always keep them in the mix. 

They are best known for combining style, personality, and storytelling to create a compelling and engaging video content that converts to sales. They utilize a rhythmic and cinematic approach to their productions, making them more vivid and client-focused. 

This way, the agency is able to maximize running time while ensuring videos stay informative, valuable, and entertaining at the same time. The services that they offer are cinematography, storyboarding and ideation, color correction, aerial photography and videography, content creation, video interviews, social media marketing, and animation and design.  

Video City

Video City Productions is a video production company specializing in commercial, corporate, and event film making.

Video City Productions is a video creation firm serving the local community since 1982. It started out as a video rental store but expanded its services to video production. The firm currently focuses on creating commercial, event, and corporate films. 

The services they offer are remote production which includes scouting, directing, and post-production processes, which are essential in covering important events and advertising brands to the market. 

They also offer phone photography and mini live-stream studio services for clients wanting to have a professional backdrop for their respective projects. 

The firm has collaborated with clients mostly coming from the commercial, tech, and entertainment industries. Developing strategic methods combined with effective storytelling enables them to capture new leads for clients.  

Malix Media

Malix Media' is a video production company that develop a proactive culture that can adapt to all their clients' ever-changing needs.

Malix Media is a full-service video and audio production company that provides a wide range of editing and production services that are geared towards helping businesses tackle new markets and ensure long-term sustainability. 

They provide filmmaking and advertising services through their professional audio and video recording equipment and top-tier editing software. These make it ideal for extensive video marketing campaigns. 

Malix Media prides themselves as capable of offering production services that can normally be expected from a large firm, despite them being labeled as an SME. 

They also have partnerships with big-brand digital marketing agencies that ensure their produced video content reaches the intended target market. This is done by combining video production with SEO, web design, CRM analysis, and social media marketing. 

Malix Media’s in-house services include visual effects, graphic animation, digital video editing, motion graphics, and color grading.  

Zimm Productions

Zimm Productons is a professional creator of corporate, broadcast, and commercial content. They have been in the business for over two decades and has delivered commercial video solutions for many local businesses.

ZIMM Productions has been serving the video production industry for over 18 years. The company specializes in providing video production services to commercial and broadcast companies wanting to promote their brand with quality media content. 

They are best-known for creating video productions that have a film-narrative theme. This has proven effective in improving customer engagement and new lead acquisition. The firm also develops web-based video content optimized for social media. This ensures a wider audience reach for businesses wanting to increase conversion rates. 

The agency has a special knack in creating video productions for live events and arts and music-inspired broadcasts. Zimm Productions has worked with many top entertainment industry companies like TV Asia, Sony Entertainment, StarPlus, ABC, and Steelers.  

Five Five Collective

Five Five Collective is an award-winning video production company in Philadelphia. They consist of experienced videographers, photographers, and marketing analysts who will ensure their clients' businesses will be profitable.

Five Five Collective is an award-winning, Philadelphia based creative video agency proudly serving established brands, startups, and everyone in between. 

We believe every brand has stories worth knowing, even if we have to do a little digging to find them. Stories are everywhere. We bring these stories into focus and help brands make real human connections.

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