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Best Video Production Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021

Video advertising is an important marketing strategy that all businesses today should implement. 

According to a report, 97% of marketers agree that videos help consumers understand the business’ offerings. This then leads to sales and higher conversion rates. 

Furthermore, another study states that videos can increase click-through rates up to 300%. Businesses need the professional help of video production companies to stay relevant and competitive in the market. 

Here are the top video production agencies in San Antonio, Texas.  

Best Video Production Companies in San Antonio, TX 2021

Deko 37

DEKO 37 is a San Antonio video production company that produces corporate videos, commercial videos, training videos, non-profit videos, seminar videos

DEKO 37 is a San Antonio-based video development agency that has been serving local businesses for more than five years. They specialize in producing commercial-focused video content for seminars, events, companies, and non-profit organizations. 

The firm approaches video advertising in an output-based approach where they assess the current situation of their client in order to create tailor-made video marketing campaigns for maximum exposure and conversion. 

The firm offers full video production assessment which includes pre-production conceptualization, production, and post production. Their main selling point is their cost-efficient, yet highly-effective video reachout process where they ensure clients’ service requirements won’t exceed their budget. 

They also offer seminars, live events, and commercial and studio video development services. DEKO 37 has served numerous top-industry clients as well, with TEDx, Chase, SAHA, and St. Mary’s University being some of them. 

The firm is a certified partner of UpCity after being included in the Top Video Production Agencies list.  

The IMG Studio

The IMG Studio provides San Antonio client-focused video production, animation, web, virtual reality, and app development needs.

The IMG Studio is a video production agency run by creatives and marketing experts that specializes in creating video content that are geared towards optimal conversion for businesses. 

What makes them stand out is their client-focused stories aiming to capture new leads through a minimalistic yet informative approach. 

Aside from video production, the firm also offers website design and development, graphic design, app development, AR and VR support, and 2D and 3D animation. This enables them to help struggling brands in a holistic way. 

The IMG Studio’s most notable clients are Shiner Beer, Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Girl Scouts of America, CPS Energy, and Seaworld. They are also a well-decorated firm having won the 2013 Telly’s Best Charitable, Fund-raising, and Motivational awards.  

Media Bar Productions

Media Bar Production is and award winning video production professionals that uses high-definition and 4K capabilities to produce anything from corporate videos, commercial videos, promotional videos, training videos, non-profit videos, seminar videos, and event videos.

Media Bar Productions is a video production company based in San Antonio, Texas. They are a team of Emmy award-winning media and advertising experts who use state-of-the-art HD and 4K-capable equipment to produce performance-based content for startups, SMEs, and large-enterprises. 

The company offers a full array of video production services such as production, conceptualization, editing, and post production. Their most sought-after video content are promotional, aerial, food, interviews, and documentary videos. 

The most notable clients of Media Bar Productions are San Antonio Zoo, Unilever, Sea World, and Bass Pro Shop. They also won two distinguished awards from the Star Emmy’s and Telly’s.  

New Tek

New Tek is a video production company that fundamentally changes the way video is being created. They uses future of live production with IP Series, MediaDS, NDI Technology, TriCaster, 3Play, TalkShow with SkypeTX and LightWave 3D.

NewTek is a TV-based video production firm specializing in creating network-style video content that’s targeted towards the global market. 

They have covered numerous media outlets such as web-based talk shows, corporate communications, and live entertainment shows throughout their over 35 years of operation. Because of this, the firm has been labelled as one of the pioneers and enduring acts in the video streaming industry. 

They offer broadcast solutions and advanced IP workflow solutions alongside their video production services for corporate, gaming, tech, religious, and sports companies. NewTek won the 2016 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards.  

Lamp Media Productions

LAMP Media Productions is an experienced media production company in Texas with a team of passionate and creative professionals.

LAMP Media Productions is a video production agency that has been serving the Texas area for more than 27 years. 

Their usual clients are SMEs and startups, but they have recently expanded to serving large-scale corporations as well thanks to their constant equipment upgrading protocol. 

What makes the firm stand out is their step-by-step video production approach where they first assess the company’s target market and branding before proceeding in conceptualizing needed video advertising strategies. 

The company employs a mix of professional cinematographers, photographers, and marketing analysts who ensure an output-based video marketing campaign. 

Their usual video services are in the fields of commercial photography and videography, real estate advertising, and brand recognition. They also offer scouting and consultation services for a more cost-efficient and holistic client experience. 

LAMP Media Productions won the 2018 and 2019 Production Hub Pro awards, which led to them being included in the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program. They gained the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) certification in 2019.  

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