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Best Video Production Companies in San Francisco, CA 2021

Businesses need to implement the latest and most efficient marketing strategies to effectively compete in the marketplace. One good example is through video advertising. 

According to a report, 87% of business owners use video content as a marketing tool. Another study also states that 88% of marketers are willing to invest a lot in an extensive video campaign due to its proven effectiveness in improving sales. 

Thus, businesses need to seek professional video production agencies to ensure profitability and sustainability. Here are the top video production companies in San Francisco:  

Best Video Production Companies in San Francisco, CA 2021


Crushpix is a creative Bay Area video production company where visual storytelling and marketing come together to create engaging and effective videos for social media, comany websites, and live events.

Crushpix is a video production company specializing in creating visual stories that convey value and provocative concepts to business brands. This enables their video content to be highly effective and cost-efficient because of their straightforward approach to video advertising. 

They are best known for working closely with their clients to create a tailor-made marketing experience that’s aimed at boosting sales and acquiring new clients in the long run. 

The video production services they offer are marketing campaigns, corporate culture recruitment, product videos, animations, video testimonials, live event coverage, and interviews. They also offer drone services with their in-house FAA-licensed drone pilot. 

The company’s key clients are PayPal, Google, Cyxtera Technologies, The Coast Guard Foundation, and Hollywood Motion Picture Costumers Union.  

Studio B Film

Studio B Films is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area Production Company. Create engaging stories that successfully connect to their audience.

Studio B Films is a video production firm and creative agency made up of professional designers, writers, editors, animators, and filmmakers. This makes their video production services unique and filled with narratives and technical features. 

Their main goal is to boost a business’ brand to the next level by creating a deep connection to the audience through compelling video content. The firm also optimizes content used for search engines, social media, and advertisements. 

Their most sought-out services are broadcast video, video production, and brand advertising. Studio B Films’ most notable clients come from the consumer, IT, and advertising sectors such as Adobe, Publicis Group, Grammarly, and Facebook.  

BX Films

BX Films is a video production company that makes creative and strategic videos for commercials, marketing & advertising.

BX Films is a full-service video production agency based in San Francisco, California. They are best known for developing engaging narratives around brands, making them more appealing to the average consumers. 

What makes the firm standout is their ability to implement psychological strategies to capture the attention of consumers, thereby making their client’s video marketing campaign more effective and cost-efficient. Speeding up ROI is their ultimate goal. 

The company is always looking for new ways of editing and shooting to ensure that quality is maintained in the long run. 

BX Films’ clientele come mostly from the large enterprise firms from the finance, tech, and advertising industries, some of the most notable ones being IBM, PayPal, CiscoMeraki, Allegiant Air, and WordPress. They are also a decorated video production firm as they have won a Telly Award.  

Cowan Agency

Cowan Agency is comprised of an expert team of artists and players, including Forbes featured producer & entrepreneur Férn Cowan, who work to transform the face of your business by delivering a world-class digital experience.

Considered as one of the newest additions to the video production industry, Cowan Agency which was founded in 2018, manages to stand up to the bigger brands thanks to their successful video advertising campaigns with Fortune 500 companies such as Coke and MWE. 

The firm is made up of expert artists, videographers, marketers, and filmmakers including its founder, Fern Cowan, who is a Forbes-featured movie director. 

What makes Cowan Agency standout is their Hollywood-grade video outputs such as commercials, marketing campaigns, and promotional videos for startups and large enterprises alike. 

They offer commercial videos, video production, 3D animation, and filming services. The company’s key clients are Shadow, Castlight, Cloud Technology Solutions, and Koniku.  

Slow Clap

Slow Clap is a video production company that believes that authentic storytelling lies at the heart of all great videos, campaigns, and outreach programs.

Slow Clap is a San Francisco-based video production firm specializing in delivering entertaining, yet highly meaningful video content to businesses seeking better branding and customer retention. 

The firm works closely with their clients to create a custom and personalized video marketing campaign that perfectly suits the business’ target demographic. 

The firm offers a wide array of basic and advanced video production services such as animation, graphics, 3D animation, closed captioning sound design and mix, and color correction. This makes them a one-stop shop for startups and SMEs wanting to speed ROI and brand recognition. 

The firm’s most notable clients are GitHub, Sony PlayStation, Accenture, New Voice Media, RepairPal, Insightly, and the San Francisco Foundation.  

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