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Best Video Production Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

With dependence on technology growing at a rapid rate, businesses need to adapt immediately. This includes storytelling and presentation of products and services which might be a challenge for business people. But not all hope is lost, with a multitude of agencies available in the market, it would be easy to get on with the trend.

Marketers believe that video content can help brands better connect with their customers and potential buyers. Videos are an interesting medium to present the features and the benefits that businesses have to offer. As people prefer to watch unboxing, tutorials and vlogs reviewing various products, it allows them to unleash their creative side to not only sell their product or service but also leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

A Wyzowl survey revealed that 8 out of 10 companies said that video content marketing came back with a very positive return on investment. Another survey found that an over 80% improvement in conversion rate was made possible by putting a video on landing pages. 

Given that video marketing is harder compared to blogging or other types of content marketing, it is best to leave it to professionals. Those in the Pacific Northwest should be comforted that there are tons of leading companies in the field of professional video production catering to corporate and commercial customers. Here are some from the Seattle, Washington area.

Best Video Production Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

Playfish Media

Playfish Media is a video production company specializing in nonprofit, corporate, commercial, documentary, and professional videography.

Professionals and businesses looking to have video content that tells their story should check out Playfish Media. This video production company from Seattle specializes in creating videos that powerfully capture stories. It collaborates with its clients from the initial discussion of the creative messaging until the delivery of the final product.

Playfish Media was behind non-profit Childcare Resources’ video content highlighting the role played by childcare on child development. The video showcased the non-profit’s work, emphasizing the importance of childcare, and a view of pre-kindergarten children under the care of Childcare Resources.

This Seattle-based video production firm also worked on the corporate video content of Brain Injury Law of Seattle, the fundraising video for Washington Green Schools and Maple Elementary, and the wedding documentary video for couple Karolina and Devotia.

Playfish offers an extensive range of professional video services including pre-production, studio and on-location videography, and post-production. 

Victory Studios

Victory Studios is a company composed of producers, directors, writers, designers, and a full creative team taking media production projects from concept to completion.

Victory Studios is considered as a premier production center in the Pacific Northwest area. It is beloved by individuals, companies, and others due to its experience and expertise in the field, as well as the long list of resources it has under its belt. Founded in 1978, the company started as the American Production Services by a couple in love with video production. The company started catering to full production of corporate and commercial content in 2003 when it realized that the drop in technology-associated costs made it viable to compete in the heavily-dense corporate video production market.

The company offers all kinds of video production needs including studio and on-location video production, video editing, closed captioning, and video format conversion. 

Victory Studios works on the video production needs of individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. It collaborated with Over The Line Art for a video that highlights the latter’s work and how technology helped Over The Line Art with making caricature art. It was also behind the production of videos for Amazon, CompuTrainer, and the Seahawks.

Dystnct Media

Dystnct Media is an agency offering services like video production, visual effects, motion graphics, and more.

Dystnct knows the importance of telling stories and how video plays an important part in sharing the message to the public. Since 2012, the video production company has extended help to businesses looking to tell their stories through video. 

The video production firm worked on video content for software developer Microsoft’s Azure platform. The video highlighted the platform's “Lift You Ideas Higher” campaign that highlights the benefits offered by Azure in the growing use of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Dystnct was also behind several modular commercials for Credit Karma that showed the brand’s unique branding and loud color palettes, and the spots produced in collaboration with OKAYBRO highlighting the HTC U11 smartphone with built-in Alexa smart assistant from Amazon.

This Seattle-based outfit offers professional video services like live event production, directing and editing, visual effects, and aerial video production.

Best Made Videos

Best Made Videos is a firm headed by an Emmy nominated photojournalist/videographer that dreams of sharing positive stories with the world.

Best Made Videos specializes in wedding video production for couples in the Seattle, Washington area, and the Pacific Northwest region. This BBB-Accredited Business also offers services like corporate video production, live event videography, and destination videography.

In its 13 years of operation, Best Made Videos has uploaded 1,546 videos on the video-sharing site Vimeo. One of its masterpieces is the video for Sablewood Paper Company. The client asked Best Made to come up with a video highlighting the business’ calligraphy service. The production company came up with a script, voice tracking, and took care of post-production. 

Aside from Sablewood, it was also tapped by other companies to do video content. Public speaker Wayne Salmans, personal trainer Cory Foster, and wedding and portrait photographer Meredith McKee are some of Best Made’s clients.

The quality of work from this video production company is seen in the awards it amassed in recent years. It was named by Wedding Wire as the Couple’s Choice awardee from 2015 to 2020. It also received the Hall of Fame recognition from The Knot Best of Weddings. 

Carley Creative

Carley Creative is a leading film and video production company that has experience in live events, commercial activities, and other promotional video projects.

Carley Creative is a full-service commercial video production company specializing in transforming any marketing campaign into a success with the use of professional video production. The company knows that video marketing is the way to go. And it knows where it stands. With the growing number of people going online to search for products and services, video content is a great way to attract leads and convert them to customers. 

The company was asked by firearms manufacturer Magpul Core to create a video documenting the training event it held for the Hayes County SWAT Team. The content highlighted how the drill was conducted including the pistol and carbine range time, the live-fire raids, and the Simunition training drills.

Carley Creative also worked on a live-action video for pricing optimization software PROS Guidance, an animated video of Limeade’s 2016 Well-Being & Engagement Report, and a highlight video of Atlantic British’s work on the Land Rover Coil Conversion. 

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