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Best Video Production Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Videos can provide a deeper look into your brand - more than what images can provide. It provides a realistic perspective of the features and benefits. A study revealed that 10% of those who viewed a video retained information three days later. Given that Millennials prefer to watch a video rather than to read, brands should take the potential of videos seriously in the age of smartphones and video-sharing sites.

In recent years, big businesses have slowly invested in video content as part of their marketing initiatives. A survey found that 45% of marketers are incorporating YouTube video type of content in their campaigns in the coming years. The growth for video content being incorporated in marketing campaigns stems from the fact that it brings in more benefits to brands. Ninety-seven percent of marketers said videos made users understand products and services better.

Aside from images and articles, businesses can look to videos to spice up their marketing plans. Businesses in Washington should start expanding the content they release online. Here are some of the top video production companies in the area.

Best Video Production Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Metro Teleproductions

Metro Teleproductions is a video production company that provides excellent video and audio services, broadcasting, and webcasting.

Emmy Award-winning producer Dave Liling started Metro Teleproductions over 20 years ago. He envisioned the company as a partner for businesses looking to succeed in what they do with the help of quality video content. Since it opened, the company has become the go-to agency because of its reputation for creativity, reliability, and professionalism. 

Aside from Liling, the company is composed of veterans in the field of video production. Jamie Sides, director of photography, senior webcast encoder John Bogley, and cameraman Tony Winthrop are some of the people behind the scenes ready to produce any kind of video content for brands and individuals.

This video production company is behind the client testimonial video for law firm Greenberg and Bederman. It highlighted the benefits enjoyed by the law firm’s clients when they sought its help through different legal issues, particularly cases involving personal injury.

Metro Teleproductions specializes in all types of production including documentaries, commercials, corporate video, advocacy and political campaigns.

8 Media Group

8 Media Group is a 5-Star rated video production company specializing in commercial advertisements, social media and web content, and event coverage.

Like most video production companies involved in producing video content for businesses, 8 Media Group delivers video content that resonates with the business’s target audience. But it differentiates itself from the rest because of its people. 

The company is led by partners Chris Cruz and Brenner Vasquez who both posses combined backgrounds in marketing, consulting and graphic design. Additionally, the duo knows the power held by video and photography in telling stories. 

Sports and wellness complex The St. James in Washington, D.C. tapped 8 Media Group to produce a commercial video. It highlighted the services and amenities offered by the sports and wellness complex, as well as the benefits and fees to be expected by potential members. This video production company was also behind the social media and web content of Synergi, the educational video “Davis Environmental, Health & Safety Orientation,” and a commercial video for #HHVAGOLDCUP.

8 Media Group has worked with different brands throughout the years. Cosmetics brand NARS, Variety magazine, cable news network CNN and educational institution The George Washington University are some of its clients.

LAI Video

LAI Video is a video production company and video agency that specializes in delivering powerful video-driven campaigns.

As a full-service video agency, LAI Video serves its clients by coming out with powerful video-driven campaigns that support business goals. It offers services like live-action video production and motion graphics customizes to fit the marketing messaging of any brand - may it be a small business, a large corporation or a nonprofit.

The video agency worked together with the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT) for a therapy simulation promotional video. In it, LAI Video made sure to highlight the role played by avatars and virtual reality in helping improve the quality of married and family life. The video not only promoted the benefits of the new therapy service offered by AAMFT, but it also showed how the organization is leading in the adoption of new technologies in marriage and family therapy.

LAI Video made the National Grocer’s “An Independent Consumer” video, the “PPH Project” for the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and “A Teachable Moment” documentary.

As a video production company, LAI Video offers services like corporate videos and commercials, video communication campaigns and live event video coverage.

Eastward Films

Eastward Films is a video production company that works with brands and advertising agencies to produce videos and original films.

Eastward Films is a video production outfit and creative agency in one. The company is a professional video production firm that collaborates with various marketing agencies to create original content for digital and broadcast platforms.

The company approaches every video project with professionalism and efficiency. First, it takes time to understand its client. It researches the client’s identity, the nature of their business, and their vision. Eastward then proceeds to write scripts or prepare storyboards until the idea takes a life of its own. Post-production, the company takes time to hear feedback from its client before delivering the final product.

Eastward’s works encompass various industries including those for General Electric, The Jockey Club,, Union Pacific and HelloWallet.

One of its renowned projects is a promotional video for financial institution Capital One’s Capital One Spark campaign. The project was in collaboration with creative agency ISL. It was done within less than two weeks with 20 setups, eight actors and four locations. The video highlights how the financial institution plays a vital role in helping people and businesses achieve their dreams.

Eidolon Films

Eidolon Films produces videos for non-profits, universities, brands and other institutions looking to use authentic storytelling to reach their audiences.

A one-stop-shop for professional-made videos, Eidolon Films opened its operations in 2008 to serve nonprofits, brands and other institutions. 

The company specializes in coming up with cinematic and powerful documentaries and videos highlighting the advocacies of various nonprofit organizations. Additionally, it is also engaged in creating independent films for broadcast through national stations like PBS. 

In 2019, Eidolon and JSI partnered for video content highlighting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Dose Per Container Partnership. The video made use of available data showing the impact of dose-per-container decision-making on vaccination rates in lower- and middle-class families. The video also featured the design of animator Joe Ski and sound by composer Doug Kaufmann.

Eidolon Films is an Emmy Award winner that also worked on videos like the 50th Anniversary of Georgetown University’s American Studies, a video series for the 2018 NELA Gala of the Sons of Italy Foundation, and a highlight video showcasing the living gallery The Walking Gallery.

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