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Best Web Design Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

A well-designed website is a must for any business wanting to improve their online presence. With people spending more time researching online, it is imperative for businesses to re-evaluate whether their website is efficient and maximized.

The proper placing of content and the optimization of the site are factors that businesses should watch out for. It was found that 39% of people would leave a website if its images take too long to load. Also, two-thirds of users prefer to see a beautifully designed site rather than a plain, boring one. Lastly, 51% of consumers expressed that detailed contact information is a must for every business maintaining a website, so its easier for customers to get in touch with them.

Given these things, it is best for businesses to partner with an experienced and trusted web design agency. This partnership will allow businesses to have an important marketing channel to be in the hands of professionals. 

For those in the Charlotte, NC area, here are some of the top web design agencies in the city.

Best Web Design Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

PSD Center

With over 10 years of experience in web design & e-commerce development, PSD Center is the right team to help address any business web concern.

Founded in 2009, PSD Center is focused on web design and development together with marketing firms, graphic designers, and small businesses. A division of RapidOps, it was created as a dedicated arm to help businesses make a unique vision a reality through websites. Its parent company offers enterprise solutions for graphic design, theme creation, and front-end development. 

Aside from specializing in web design and development, this agency also offers marketing for platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Bigcommerce. The unit believes that custom eCommerce web design allows online stores to mix business process and culture into a single space. Additionally, PSD knows that using custom web design can significantly help in making the online store stand out in a very competitive market.

In its over 10 years of operations, it was behind many websites for businesses engaged in various industries. It helped USA Commerce Store build an eCommerce website that was simple yet elegant. It made sure that it delivered a site that highlights the products and services offered by the store.

It was also behind the sites of Princess Nail Supply, Best Accents Online Jewelry Store, and The Fitness Outlet.


Flynaut is a results-driven, full-service digital agency specializing in website design, mobile, digital marketing - strategy, consulting, ideation & execution that brings ideas to life.

Flynaut, like many digital agencies out there, aims to help brands and businesses improve their online presence. This Charlotte-based agency can help address every digital marketing need of any type of business. It takes on tasks like strategy and consulting, web development, and branding and design.

This Good Firms- and Clutch-award winning agency tackles web design in a way that takes advantage of the available technology to increase the traffic into any website. It offers custom web design integrated with insights to improve brand engagement, deliver higher conversions, and come out with measurable results. 

It also specializes in creating websites for online stores using the most trusted eCommerce platforms available. The resulting websites make sure that it comes with clear messaging and a strong call-to-action to prompt consumers. 

The agency has worked on the websites of Clairon Metals, Judah’s Link, Diakont, and SMI Corp.


E-Dreamz is one of the longest-running Web Development & SEO Agencies in the Carolinas. It designs, builds, supports, and markets some of the best-looking, highest-performing enterprise-level eCommerce and corporate websites on the net.

E-Dreamz takes pride in being one of the longest-running web development agencies in the Charlotte area. Aside from web design, it also offers services like search engine optimization (SEO).

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the agency separates itself from its contemporaries by delivering promises like increasing digital leads and sales, increasing brand awareness, and optimizing user experience. These promises are made possible by a team of experienced and highly talented content strategists, analytical marketers, and web technology experts among others. 

The agency is responsible for building websites for all businesses. It was tapped by to create an eCommerce platform that provides a simple-to-use subscription selection and management process on its website. In this project, E-Dreamz made use of its proprietary Echo+ eCommerce web design framework.

Aside from, E-Dreamz also worked on websites for Kooks Headers, Essex Parts Services, and OrthoCarolina.


Peaktwo is a premier marketing agency with a mission to help businesses grow with innovative branding, web, and software experiences.

As a digital marketing agency, Peaktwo aims to be an instrument in helping businesses who are taking the challenging path to the summit. The agency opened its doors in 2008 and is composed of a group of marketing experts, designers, and code experts who are all trained to make a brand stand out.

Peaktwo has been working with B2B companies since it started its business. It believes that providing unparalleled client services should be the end game. It offers marketing services like branding, social marketing, email marketing, and SEO. It also provides software development and digital experience services.

Legal SaaS firm SimplyLegal tapped Peaktwo to create the brand’s next-generation website. Peaktwo was able to deliver a website that allows forming close and personal relationships with its customers, an essential part of SimplyLegal’s business philosophy. 

The agency is also behind the websites of renowned brands like NetBrain, CISCO, and Arabella Advisors.

CCP Web Design Studio

CCP Web Design Studio is an agency that specializes in web design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing.

Being a problem solver is what CCP Web Design Studio wants to be known. The agency believes that it is best at creating the most innovative solutions to every imaginable issue encountered by businesses. 

It offers a full range of digital marketing services including logo development and branding, email marketing, social media marketing, and website development. These services are provided by its fun, approachable, and creative people who are invested to see their clients grow and succeed. 

With its website development service, CCP understands the need for a collaborative relationship to deliver a great website. The agency ensures that it fully understands the business and the needs of their client before crafting a solution to their digital marketing problem. With well-educated and highly skilled people, the agency has been producing beautiful and functional websites that deliver the intended results.

CCP Web Design Studio has worked on dozens of sites for businesses involved in different industries, from finance to healthcare. It is responsible for building sites for Electrical Consulting Engineers, Harris Development Group, Leeward Builders, and You Community Dental.

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