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Best Web Design Companies in San Francisco, CA 2021

Outsourcing marketing work grew significantly in the 2010s. A survey showed that only 25% of businesses make their content in-house. 

The trend leaning towards digital marketing outsourcing may have to do with small to medium-sized businesses taking advantage of the benefits of hiring third-party agencies. Numbers revealed that 37% of small businesses outsourced service to cut costs. 

Small businesses tend to benefit the most from this trend. It is because outsourcing allows them to enjoy the same advantages regardless of size and industry. This conclusion is supported by data showing that 24% of those that outsourced show increased efficiency and 18% of them sought help from a professional. As these businesses delegate this task, they can focus more on other aspects to grow the business.

Sufficient data is showing that this trend will continue into the new decade. So, businesspeople in the Bay Area looking to partner with a reputable firm in the city to work with should continue reading to narrow down their choices.

Best Web Design Companies in San Francisco, CA 2021


Voco is an award-winning web design company offering quality web designs.

Voco promises its clients that it gets things done in the right way and with great results. The agency opened in 2006 and continues to serve the digital marketing needs of small to medium-sized businesses not only in the San Francisco area but also of mom-and-pop stores in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon. 

The agency takes pride in being the premier provider of digital marketing needs in the Bay Area. It specializes in delivering well designed and expertly optimized sites. It also caters to eCommerce firms that want to build their eye-catching website.

This agency works with all kinds of businesses. It helped rock music legend Carlos Santan’s Maria Maria Restaurant by redesigning its website. The project included launching a fully responsive website with a more modern design and being mobile-friendly. Voco also worked with companies like Pleasant Hill Teen Center, VPPSS Security Services, and Frisco Bay Construction Inc.

Razorfrog Web Design

Razorfrog Web Design is an agency offering WordPress web design & development for small businesses. It provides responsive websites, e-commerce, logos, and copywriting among others.

Razorfrog prides itself on being WordPress experts in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is known for developing websites that are responsive, engaging, and attractive. All these elements are what drives the increase in traffic of any site created by the agency.

This Bay Area-based agency offers a full range of digital marketing services. Its web design offering is best known for championing responsive design. Razorfrog explained that responsive design is one that delivers a great user experience and is thoroughly thought of. It especially focuses on integrating well-scaled images, easy-to-find information, and friendly menus among other things.

Razorfrog also offers a specialized approach designing for certain industries like corporate and finance, health and wellness, and professional services.

The agency is one of the most trusted firms in the city. It even has one of the most five-star ratings on Yelp. Cellmaker Brewing Co., Alsop Louie Partners, and Gus’s Community Market are some clients it helped build a website.

Kingdom Web Design

Kingdom Web Design is a web design company that specializes in WordPress websites, web design, and development.

A small San Francisco-based web design firm, Kingdom Web Design is all about delivering what their clients really need. This end goal does not only apply to web design, but also in content management, graphic design, and custom programming. This is the reason why people keep naming Kingdom as the number one web design company in San Francisco on Yelp.

Regarding its web design service, the company specializes in WordPress content management, website maintenance, and browser compatibility. The agency is also committed that what it delivers is up-to-par with client expectations. 

Since 2010, the agency has worked on 100 websites. And this number just keeps on growing every day. It is responsible for the sites of teleSys Software, Inner Smile Acupuncture, Pacific Agri-Products Inc., and Shop Equipment Los Angeles.

SF Website Design

SF Website Design designers and developers are ready for any project that will come their way. They also provide free website design, SEO or advertising consultation with absolutely no obligation to buy anything.

Founded in 2007, SF Website Design has since been catering to every website needs of its clients. It is involved in creating, designing, and optimizing websites. One of the benefits of working with the agency is that it offers a reasonable price tag on its services.

The agency specializes in creating WordPress sites or a website that makes use of HTML. It is also capable of building an eCommerce website based on the Magento platform. Aside from offering these services at an affordable price, the company also bundles in six-months worth of support. It offers a helping hand addressing issues that arise which may stem from how the site was built.

As one of the most recommended agencies in the area, SF Website Design is responsible for building, redesigning, and optimizing the websites of My Spanish Village, AGH Realty Group, adVISION LED Signs, and Creative Design Engineering.

500 Designs

500 Designs is an award-winning UI/UX design and branding agency based in Irvine, Orange County, with offices in San Francisco and London.

Since its inception in 2016, 500 Designs has helped accelerate their clients' business growth by doing it all, from start to finish. 

From strategy, UI and UX design, branding, illustration, graphic design to web development, the agency is well-equipped to address all their clients' needs.

Furthermore, they provide branding services like branding identity, art direction, brand voice, and logo design. They believe design is more than meets the eye and connecting with the audience emotionally is more important and the way to go.

Their outstanding work was recognized by and was then declared as the leading branding agency in the United States. They also bagged Centauri awards for corporate communications and user interface. 

The company has also worked with companies like Humble Dot, KBS, Perfectly Tea, Eggie, Bid Ops, Stillwater Brands, Globally Paid, and Flybuds.

Smack Happy

Smack Happy provides quality web designs created by web designers who care.

Founded in 2008 by Nicole Hanusek, Smack Happy Design is a custom website solutions company focusing on blending creativity and usability to give our clients and their customers a memorable online experience, generating more business, and creating raving fans.

Onto a little bit of history… In 1998, Nicole began her career with a web consulting company back in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. During this time, she learned everything about designing websites, coding HTML and also a bit about PHP, managing projects, and creating proposals. Her learnings covered mostly everything one needs to know in order to run a successful web services-based company. She was able to use this knowledge, combine it with her love of helping people, add lots of creativity, finally giving rise to Smack Happy Design.

The fruition of this new and exciting business adventure meant that Nicole could provide creative solutions to make happy, loyal clients. Over the years, the number of happy clients continued to grow. Ongoing clients kept coming back with more needs. New clients were popping up from ongoing clients recommending her to others.

Nicole needed to find teammates to help stay on top of it all. In 2014, Nicole began attending networking events with like-minded small business owners. She found a BNI chapter which led to a multitude of growth experiences, including hiring a business coach. When networking events became sparser, she used her free time to read many books—constantly trying to improve the business to make sure she would be able to treat her future team well. By 2015 and 2016, Nicole was building her dream team, expanding her services and gaining amazing clients.

The team shares Nicole’s core values, vision and mission. All of the unique, creative individuals at Smack Happy care about you, your business, and your customers. Everyone agrees that helping people is our top priority.

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