Starbucks is taking steps to encourage its employees and customers to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has said no barista should be forced to choose between working their shift and participating in the election.

“The upcoming election is a reminder that we, as citizens, play an active role in our society by simply getting involved and voting,” Johnson wrote in a letter to employees. “Who you vote for is a very personal decision that you make as a citizen. It is one way for you to be heard. It is how democracy works.”

The Seattle-based coffee giant has created a portal to help its employees register to vote and request a mail-in ballot. The company has also partnered with Civic Alliance to help its employees volunteer as poll workers.

In addition, Starbucks is helping customers register to vote through the Starbucks App. The app would give customers information on where and how to vote in their communities.

The company also expects to announce commitments “to further racial equity, justice and opportunity” in the coming weeks.

During the protests after the death of George Floyd in June, the company said it “is committed to doing our part in ending systemic racism.” Later that month, Starbucks said it would temporarily pull its social media ads to boycott Facebook over its hate speech policy.

Starbucks was founded in 1971 and is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. The company has a history of progressive values, supporting LGBT employees.