Starbucks Corp. says it's teaming up with French food and drink company Danone to sell Greek yogurt. Reuters

In an effort to continue the expansion of its already diverse menu, Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ:SBUX) has announced a partnership with French food and drink company Danone (EPA:BN) to sell Greek yogurt. Dubbed "Evolution Fresh inspired by Dannon," the new parfaits will replace the yogurt cups the chain currently sells in its cafes. They will be available in its U.S. cafes in the spring of 2014, before rolling out to grocery stores in 2015.

Greek yogurt has experienced a significant boom in recent years, now accounting for more than a third of the market, according to Bernstein Research, as cited by the Associated Press. While Chobani is currently the top-selling brand of yogurt in the country, other brands such as Dannon Oikos and FAGE have made substantial gains in the Greek yogurt market.

Starbucks and Danone say distribution will eventually expand to targeted markets outside the U.S.

The move to introduce Greek yogurt to its customers is part of the Seattle-based company’s larger effort to improve its food offerings. In recent months, Starbucks has introduced Evolution Fresh juices while also planning to roll out a line of new baked goods in the year ahead. New sandwiches and salads were also recently introduced.