The White House live stream of the State of the Union (SOTU) address will feature “live data, graphics and charts that explain the issue and policies that [President Barack Obama will] be discussing in the speech,” the administration said.  That means watching Obama give his annual speech online this year could be a smarter bet than turning on the television. The “special enhanced version” of the 2015 SOTU will be aired on the White House’s YouTube page, which you can also check out below:

“Enhanced versions” of the speech are not new for the White House, which has offered the online viewing since 2011. What is new is the so-called “river of content” that lets Americans interact with the speech and share it on social media.

“In addition to the enhanced livestream that features graphics augmenting the speech, the river will provide a series of discrete pieces of content, or ‘boats,’ that showcase expanded, standalone views into Administration policy -- often with an interactive or personalized component. It’s part of an effort to make policy more specific and interesting, and more relevant to the people who will be affected,” according to Nathaniel Lubin, the White House’s acting director of digital strategy. “You'll generally get the kind of real-time experience usually reserved for sports events and technology company product demos -- and that content will all flow onto the page while you’re watching the speech. If it's not clear, we're pretty excited about it.”

Obama is scheduled to give the State of the Union at 9 p.m. EST, and he’s expected to talk about some of the proposals he has spent the last week outlining. These include tax hikes for the richest Americans, free community college tuition for high school graduates, expanding broadband Internet access in the U.S. and reducing the interest rate on mortgage insurance for federally backed loans.