Hundreds of people from Phoenix to Los Angeles reported observing a dazzling mysterious bright display in the night sky on Wednesday. Authorities said it was most likely a meteor sighting.

A streak of light that some are describing as a fireball was seen shooting across the night sky and law enforcement and media from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Las Vegas were fielding calls of the reported sighting, according to CNN.

The first reports came from Riverside County around 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Within a half hour of the first reports, several Orange County residents also reported seeing the lights. After about an hour, reports were coming from all over the West, KCAL reported.

Viewers described they saw green, blue, purple and white light streaking through the sky and many say the object or objects “had a tail.”

Meanwhile, the mysterious lights caused a stir on Twitter and became a hot topic with most asking, Did you see it? What was that?

Initial reports said it was a NASA satellite as the space agency announced a dead satellite would fall to Earth by September’s end. But there was no official confirmation on whether the lights and satellite are linked.

It could be meteors, said the official, who declined to be identified. An FAA spokesman for the Western-Pacific region, Ian Gregor, declined to comment except to say it was not an aircraft issue, Reuters reported.

Ed Krupp, the director of the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, told KCAL that witnesses were probably seeing a piece of interplanetary debris that passed through the Earth's atmosphere and burned up.

“This kind of thing happens about once a year, or once every few years,” he added.