The 2012 Super Bowl will feature a heated game between the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady and the New York Giants, led by Eli Manning. Sports fans in Indianapolis and at home will be able to follow the game closely with new mobile apps made for the 2012 Super Bowl.

Fans looking for detailed team stats, a live stream, play-by-play commentary, a history of the Super Bowl, or reruns of the top Super Bowl commercials will be pleased to know that there is an appropriate app for every sport fans' desire.

Held on Sunday, Feb. 5, the Super Bowl will start at 6:29 p.m. EST and will be televised nationally on NBC. Follow the game closely with one of these nine top Super Bowl 2012 apps.

NFL Mobile App (for Verizon Wireless users only)

The NFL Mobile app gives users access to a legal live stream of the Super Bowl XLVI on smartphones. Although the app is only available for Verizon Wireless users, the app is compatible with iPhones and Androids. The app includes live video and audio, real-time scores, in-game highlights, additional camera angles, game stats and access to post material on Facebook and other social media sites.

Super Bowl XLVI Guide App

The Super Bowl XLVI Guide app is the official guide for the big game. Presented by Verizon, the app gives sports fans access to a detailed guide to official Super Bowl events, restaurants and nightlife in Indianapolis. It also provides a 3D map of the Lucas Oil Stadium and gives fans access to social media buzz surrounding the event.

New York Giants Official Mobile App

The New York Giants Mobile app gives users the opportunity to catch breaking team news, see real-time statistics, watch on-demand video clips and follow post-game blogs and pre-game previews. The app is also a great place to see photos of the team and to follow the latest Giants-related tweets. The app is available for iPhones, Androids and Blackberry smartphones.

New England Patriots 2011 App

The New England Patriots 2011 app gives sports fans access to the latest news, game details, real-time stats, on-demand and live video, audio broadcasts, and photos of the team and cheerleaders. The app is available for iPhones, Androids and Blackberry smartphones.  

ESPN ScoreCenter App

The ESPN ScoreCenter app gives sports fans one-touch access to stats, news, standings and game day play. Alerts can be set for users' favorite teams. For the Super Bowl XLVI, the ESPN Score Center App will be useful for live game details, analysis of the latest plays and in-game stats. The app is available for IPhones, Androids and Windows 7 Phones.

NFL Pro Tweets App

The NFL Pro Tweets app created by the NFL Players Association gives sports fans one-click access to all the NFL players twitter feeds. Users can follow their friends and favorite NFL players while also having full access to the news feed.

Super Bowl Winners

The Super Bowl Winners app gives sports fans access to information on all the Super Bowl winning teams dating back to the first Super Bowl game in 1967. There is brief information about each game included in the app.

Chevy Game Time App The Chevy Game Time app gives sports fans the opportunity to experience Super Bowl Sunday in a whole new way. The app can be used on mobile devices and tablets for iOS and Android users. The game time app will give users the chance to win 20 Chevy cars and thousands of other prizes. The app will also ask users trivia questions about the game and will give up-to-date updates during the Super Bowl XLVI.

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials App

The Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials app allows sports fans to keep track of the best Super Bowl commercials on an iOS mobile device. Users can also browse fan favorites and take a look at old commercials and ads from past years. Fans can also share their favorites via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.