Super Mario Maker
"Super Mario Bros." turned 30 on Sunday, with an Easter egg showing up on Google. Pictured: Nintendo's new game "Super Mario Maker" was released last week. Nintendo

“Super Mario Maker” has been one of the interesting and well-played titles, thanks to its creative approach to the Mario game. The developer has shed light on how the team had come together to create costumes, cursors and more, all of which have enhanced the game in some way.

Amiibo had been used in the game in terms of design, but according to Nintendo Everything, the plan had not been definite at the start. What he develop did was to prepare different sprites apart from Mario for the game. However, adding the fact that a lot of amiibo had come out, there also happened to be a lot of costumes in “Super Mario Maker.”

Interestingly, the developer also shared that the cursors seen in the trailer and the actual game is not the only cursor that can be used. Players have seen the cat’s paw that can replace the cursor, but game producer Takashi Tezuka shared that it was actually his cat’s paw.

“Any cat paw would have been all right, but I just happen to have many cats at home,” said Tezuka in the interview as translated by Nintendo Everything.

“Super Mario Maker” remains to be one of the stronger titles for Nintendo. In the latest charts in the U.K., the game has managed to stay afloat the upper half of the top 40 games after spending a month in players’ hands since launch last September. It has dropped three places in the U.K. charts, but still managed to stay in the 24th place, Nintendo Life reported.

It is set to see another update come Nov. 4. While the update merely contains new level design features. The two new features involve the introduction of mid-level checkpoints so that players can be revived at specific stages of a round instead of starting at the very beginning. The other level-design feature are progressive power-ups, which basically add to a particular existing power-up that a player already has in a round.

According to Wired, these updates are pretty minor, but they can add depth and a familiar layer of gameplay that has been seen in previous “Super Mario” titles. For long-time fans, these features are very reminiscent of how “Super Mario” games have been designed.

"Super Mario Maker" level trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameXplain)