PS4 Price Cut to $349
Sony has cut the price of a PlayStation 4 in the U.S. by $50 to $349 as it continues to battle the Xbox One.

The PS4 is not the only Sony gaming device to receive a lot of games in the coming years. Its VR technology, now dubbed the PlayStation VR from its Project Morpheus days, has received a lot of trailers and new games at the onset of the Paris Games Week.

Kicking off the announced games is the sampling of the PS4 racer title “Driveclub.” Running on a prototype device, “Driveclub” had reportedly run at 60fps, Eurogamer reported. But Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida even went ahead and confirmed that the framerate will be reprojected to 120fps when sent to the PlayStation VR.

“Gran Turismo Sport,” the latest title in the series, will also get a VR component. The details of the actual game has not yet been released, but there’s already a trailer showcasing the history of motorsports. There are hints as to what the features of the game may be such as being able to represent a player’s country, supporting a manufacturer and driving a lot of cool cars, Wired reported.

There are a bunch of other games that have been hinted to come to the PlayStation VR. The Verge has compiled the many different trailers of these game. A notable title is “Tekken 7,” which will put the fighting at an even closer range with the VR component. Other titles slated for Sony’s VR include “Battlezone,” “Robinson: The Journey,” “Rigs: Mechanized Combat League” and a DLC for “Until Dawn.”

The announcement of the PlayStation VR games comes at a very opportune time. And if an analyst’s predictions about Sony’s virtual reality headset becomes accurate, it might get a head-start against rival Oculus Rift.

According to Financial Times, global market research firm IHS has predicted that the PlayStation VR will be at the forefront of VR technology once it is released sometime in the first half of 2016. Sony’s advantage over its other competitors, including the HTC Vive, is its compatibility with the PS4. Considering the number of PS4 console owners, added with the upcoming PlayStation VR playable games, will bring its potential fan base a notch higher.

Still, this does not mean that all the owners of PS4 will likely adopt the PlayStation VR technology. The price point can play a major role in the early adoption, but beyond this, IHS has also predicted that the overall adoption of the technology will be a slow rise in the next five years.

PlayStation VR for "Gran Turismo Sport" (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)