• "Ready or Not's" new trailer reveals in-engine gameplay
  • The game follows the same style as "SWAT 4"
  • A beta version will be playable to owners of the game's Standard or Supporter edition in June

Team17 has released a new trailer for their upcoming police-based tactical shooter “Ready or Not,” showcasing a number of tools and equipment that players can expect to use in the game.

The trailer showed in-engine footage of the game’s alpha build, showcasing an ongoing police operation in the “Ready or Not’s” dark and gritty setting. Equipment like flashbangs and stun grenades were also featured, as well as a police battering ram and a few assault rifles that players can use.

The “Ready or Not” trailer also showed a mirrorgun, a tool used to safely peak under doors.

“Ready or Not” is a game in the same vein as the old “SWAT” series developed by Irrational Games. The last entry, “SWAT 4,” was released back in 2005 and was regarded as one of the best tactical shooter games of its time.

“Ready or Not” is set in a bleaker version of the United States where corruption and political instability are at an all-time high. Players will take on the role of a SWAT team commander in charge of handling armed criminal situations such as hostage-takings, terrorist takeovers and other crime scenes.

The game has a much darker tone than “SWAT 4” did. The situations in “Ready Or Not” are often bloodier and more disturbing based on the available media. The game will also feature the same tense encounters as its spiritual predecessor.

Void Interactive, the game’s developer, has worked with actual police forces to develop realistic systems and mechanics for the game. Players will have to play according to rules of engagement that mimic real law enforcement and make tactical plans that best fit certain missions.

This means that “Ready or Not” will not be another point-and-shoot game. Killing a civilian or a surrendering suspect will result in penalties for players, and breaching a room incorrectly can spell the end of a mission.

Players will be able to customize their equipment loadouts with realistic weapon and equipment choices that tactical response teams typically bring to dangerous scenarios, including non-lethal firearms like tasers, pepper spray and beanbag shotguns.

“Ready or Not” has no official release date yet, but the devs are gearing up for a beta scheduled for June for those who purchase either Standard or Supporter editions of the game.

The presence of hostages and innocent civilians in Ready Or Not will make players think twice about pulling the trigger
The presence of hostages and innocent civilians in Ready Or Not will make players think twice about pulling the trigger. Void Interactive