Wall Street set to open higher on China data

Stocks were set to open higher on Tuesday as Chinese data fueled the belief the government may move to stimulate growth, overshadowing recent credit downgrades in Europe and a mixed bag of bank earnings.

Two More Bodies Found on Italian Cruise Ship

Divers found the bodies of two elderly men inside a capsized cruiseliner on Sunday, raising to five the death toll after the luxury vessel foundered and dramatically keeled over off Italy's coast.

Three Survivors Rescued from Costa Concordia Shipwreck on Sunday

A South Korean honeymoon couple and an injured crew member were plucked from the partially submerged Costa Concordia shipwreck on Sunday, more than a day after the cruise ship met its doom close to Italy's Isola del Giglio, as rescue workers struggled to find any others still trapped on board.


Vladimir Putin

5 Most Important People for 2012

Who will be the five people to shape 2012? It could be anyone on list, or it could be none of them. Such is the state of geopolitics at this important moment in history.

White House Christmas Tree 2011: First Family Trees Over the Years [PHOTOS]

The 2011 White House Christmas tree, decorated in cards from the children of U.S. military members and medals from veterans by the family of President Obama, marks nearly 150 years of First Family trees celebrated over the years. View the slideshow to see photos of White House Christmas trees over the years.
Fans of the undead were in for a shock with this week's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead." The second season twist left one of the series' main characters, Dale (Jeffry Demunn), dead after struggling to save Randall's (Michael Zegen) life.

Top 10 TV Shows of 2011

The year 2011 saw the various sequels of TV shows as well as new series entertaining the home audience. Following are our top 10 TV shows of 2011.