Rio Carnival 2012 Clouded by Police Strike

On Friday, unions representing the city's police, firefighters and military police voted to strike and to protest in downtown Rio de Janeiro. But Carnival and nearly one million tourists are arriving in just seven days.

Ruby Princess: Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers Struck With Virus

More than 100 people on board a cruise ship operated by a unit of Carnival Corp have fallen ill with a stomach virus, the latest setback facing the world's biggest cruise company, which came under scrutiny last month for the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster in Italy.


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Woman's Body Found on Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Disaster: BREAKING

Italian Coast Guard divers battling the elements including light fuel seeping into the water have found a woman's body in a corridor of a sunken section of the Costa Concordia cruise ship. The woman's body, one of the 21 still missing, was found Saturday. Italian Coast Guard divers found the woman wearing a life jacket in a narrow corridor near an evacuation staging point at the ship's rear, according to The Associated Press.
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Costa Concordia: Wave of Inevitable Lawsuits Begins

The first of what will surely be many inevitable lawsuits against the Costa cruise line over the sinking of the Concordia have been started. Two U.S. law firms are planning to sue on behalf of the passengers of the cruise ship.
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Costa Concordia: Capt. Francesco Schettino Tells Port ‘It’s Just a Blackout’

A new audiotape released Thursday, details the first contact between the Costa Concordia, the Italian cruise ship that ran aground by the Tuscan island of Giglio, and the port of Livorno, the Associated Press reported. On the tape, Capt. Francesco Schettino is heard telling the port that the Costa Concordia was only suffering from a blackout - 30 minutes after his ship hit a reef.