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Hospitals Fight Drug Scarcity, Fear Patients Harmed

The growing scarcity of sterile, injectable drugs is one of the biggest issues confronting hospitals across the country, and will be a key issue at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago this weekend.
Dolphins, Birds Die in Staggering Numbers on Peru Beach

Peru Pelican Deaths: How Did 600 Pelicans Die On The Beaches Of Northern Peru? [PHOTO]

Ornithologists in Peru are in investigating the death of an estimated 600 pelicans on the beaches of northern Peru, according to AFP. Peru's Oceanic Institute (IMARPE) said that, as of Sunday, they had found 538 dead pelicans and 54 dead Peruvian Boobies. They also found the carcasses of five sea lions that washed ashore and the decomposed remains of a turtle.


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