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SUV with mind of its own wins robot car race

A souped-up Chevy Tahoe sports utility vehicle with a mind of its own was declared the winner of a robot car race on Sunday after it traveled without help from humans for six hours and 60 miles
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Robots turn off senior citizens in aging Japan

Ifbot, the resident robot at a Japanese nursing home, can converse, sing, express emotions and give trivia quizzes to seniors to help with their mental agility. Yet the pale-green gizmo has spent much of the past two years languishing in a corner alone.
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iRobot revamps vacuums, plans more home robots

iRobot Corp, a robot maker that sells floor cleaners as well as devices that defuse bombs, introduced on Wednesday a new line of vacuums in hopes of generating cash to invest in a wider range of products.
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Column: Microsoft ready to do the robot

Maybe it's the robotic dog resting in the corner or the R2-D2 Star Wars droid on the floor, but Tandy Trower's office is not a typical workstation found on the Microsoft Corp. campus.