Sex robots will be the wave of the future, according to two New Zealand researchers who say robot prostitutes will revolutionize the sex industry by 2050. But the future is already here with RoxxxyPillow - a discreet, new sex robot that you don't need deep pockets to own.

The new sex robot, priced at $995, is ideal for those who want to purchase such a sex robot but feel ashamed or uncomfortable about owning one, says Douglas Hines, inventor and founder of True Companion, the maker of RoxxxyPillow and the first sex robot, Roxxxy, which debuted at the 2010 AVN Expo in Las Vegas.

It removes the social stigma, Hines told IBTimes in an exclusive interview about the RoxxxyPillow.

The robot moves its head rhythmically to simulate oral sex and gyrates its hips during other sex acts. At $995, it's a third of the price of the Silver version of Roxxxy.

RoxxxyPillow has all the functionality of Roxxxy, including three working inputs, but doesn't come with arms and legs. There's also no computer inside RoxxxyPillow, which makes the sex robot a light 50 pounds. But the RoxxxyPillow will be able to feel your touch, hear and talk if you hook her up via USB.

RoxxxyPillow becomes operational by pulling on the pillow's flaps.

Hines has seen demand for his sex robots skyrocket after a paper by Victoria University management professor Ian Yeoman and sexologist Michelle Mars in the journal Futures envisioned sex robots will replace prostitutes by 2050.

We have thousands and thousands of people that clicked, 'order,' on, Hines said.

The sex robot industry is in a growth phase and by 2022, over 5 percents of households will have sex robots, Hines said, citing trends and the impact of what he calls Sexual System Confluence.

SSC's impact has been accelerated in part to research and product development in such diverse areas as aerospace systems, medical products, military projects, computer automation and consumer electronics. The contributions made by these various categories to the information in the public domain has provided ample opportunity to accelerate product development for the bedroom, he said. Many researchers did not want to cross over and apply the knowledge gained in various areas to the sex industry until Roxxxy was launched. Now that this tipping point has been reached, there is significant growth in the sex robot industry.

Roxxxy is available with dozens of customizations, ranging from hair color to eye liner thickness to pubic hair.

The website also offers Rocky, the male version of Roxxxy.

Sex robots such as the True Companion line of products will become mainstream by 2050 and will replace prostitutes in Amsterdam, the new study found.

The paper, titled,Robots, Men And Sex Tourism, describes an imaginary sex club in Amsterdam called Yub-Yum, where sex tourists pay 10,000 euros ($13,191) for massage, lap dances and sex from sex robots strutting around the club.

Hines said this would be unnecessary, considering his highest-end robot, the Gold version of Roxxxy, costs $6,000.

The reasoning that sex tourism in many years from now will allow travelers to have sexual encounters with robots is correct, he said. But there is no need to make a special trip to Amsterdam or to spend over $10,000.00, or to wait many years.

The club written about in the paper would resemble others in Amsterdam's Red Light District, the researchers wrote, saying Yub-Yum would contain sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features.

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections would be non-existent, Yeoman and Mars said, because the sex robots would be made of bacteria-resistant fiber that would be flushed of human fluids after the sex acts.