NASA Expert Reveals How Humans Can Change Earth’s Orbit

A NASA expert explained how humans can use the massive asteroids and comets in the outer Solar System to change the orbit of Earth around the Sun. The expert noted that this could someday save Earth and keep it from becoming a hostile and uninhabitable planet.

NASA Satellite Captures Fleet Of Alien Vessels Near The Sun

A UFO expert claimed that the satellite footage from NASA captured what appears to be an entire fleet of alien vessels flying near the Sun. The expert said the objects are not ejected material from the Sun due to their appearance and orientation.

Hubble Snaps Incredible Image Of Hourglass Nebula With Central Eye

The Hubble Space Telescope recently shared an image of a unique form of a nebula that was created by a Sun-like star that’s about to die. Due to the natural cosmic process that the star is going through, it has produced a unique shape that consists of an hourglass-like structure with a central glowing eye.