New NASA Video Shows Massive UFO Hovering Near Sun

A new planet-sized UFO was spotted by NASA’s observatory hovering near the Sun. In the video provided by the space agency, the UFO remained motionless even after getting hit by a massive solar explosion.

NASA Video Shows UFO Fleet Exiting Sun, Causing Solar Flares

A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured footage of three UFOs shooting out of the Sun. According to the expert, the small fleet of alien vessels caused a solar flare as they exited the massive star.

Solar Storm To Hit Earth This Week, NOAA Warns

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has detected a solar storm that’s expected to hit Earth’s southern hemisphere this week. The storm could disrupt the operations and functions of satellites and electrical grids in the affected regions.

Scientist Identifies Black Holes That Can Destroy Earth

A physicist from Yale University identified the types of black holes that can destroy Earth, either by completely swallowing it or hurling it towards the Sun. According to the physicist, these scenarios are likely to happen based on current predictions.

Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Here's How To Watch It Online

The upcoming total solar eclipse is being regarded by astronomers as the greatest one due to the immense scientific data it will offer. Although totality will only occur over certain areas in the world, people from different parts of the globe can still witness the eclipse through various live streaming platforms.

Solar Storms To Cause Deadlier Cyclones, Scientists Warn

Aside from their damaging effect on technological devices and electricity, scientists believe solar storms can also intensify cyclones on Earth. This means severe space weather could lead to the formation of stronger and more frequent cyclones.

Expert Says NASA Image Captures UFO Near The Sun

A UFO experts claims that an image taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) reveals an unidentified object much larger than Earth flying out of the Sun. Aside from proof of alien life, the expert said the image also proves that the Sun is hollow and houses extraterrestrial beings.