Comet May Become Visible To The Human Eye Next Week

Astronomers revealed that a newly discovered comet could become bright enough to be spotted by the human eye starting next week. The icy object’s brightness is expected to increase as it continues to move closer towards the Sun.

Astronomers Confirm Comet SWAN Is Dying

Astronomers observing the comet known as SWAN confirmed that the icy cosmic object is dying. Its deterioration started after it flew close to the Sun last month.

Sun Shoots Out Biggest Solar Flare In Recent Years

NASA confirmed that the Sun recently emitted its most powerful solar flare since 2017. According to scientists, the latest emission could indicate that the Sun’s solar minimum period has officially ended.

ESA Explains Details Of Solar Orbiter’s Comet ATLAS Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) revealed how it plans to study the comet ATLAS as its Solar Orbiter spacecraft crosses its tail. According to the agency, it will use the spacecraft’s Sun-observing instruments to collect vital information about the comet.


NASA Solar System Montage - planets, comet, asteroid

Did Milky Way Galactic Collision Trigger Solar System Formation?

A new study claimed that the Sun, Earth and the other planets within the Solar System formed after Milky Way collided with its neighboring galaxy multiple times. According to the authors of the study, the galactic collisions that may have formed the Solar System happened at least three times.