NASA Wants A $2-Billion Flagship Mission To Venus

Scientists at NASA are pushing for a flagship mission to Venus, which is the agency’s most expensive class of space expeditions. For the scientists, deploying this kind of mission to Venus is vital in order to investigate if the planet really was habitable in the past.

This Is What A Solar Storm Hitting Earth Sounds Like

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a short recording of what Earth sounds like as it gets bombarded by solar storms. As noted by the ESA, the sounds generated by the cosmic phenomenon sounds like an eerie song from a science fiction movie.

NASA Satellite Captures Black Hole Shredding A Nearby Star

NASA’s satellite made a historical discovery after spotting its first tidal disruption, an event where a black hole rips apart a star. According to the agency’s scientists, the star destroyed by the black hole could be as big as the Sun.

Astronomers Spot Smallest Black Hole Ever Discovered

The discovery of a new class of black holes is causing astronomers to rethink their understanding of these massive cosmic objects. In a new study, a team of astronomers unveiled details of the smallest black hole ever discovered.


Supermassive black hole

How Milky Way’s Black Hole Can Destroy Earth

Experts recently discussed what would happen to Earth if the supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way suddenly enters the Solar System. If this happens, the experts noted that the black hole would destroy Earth in different ways.