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South Korean police have apprehended an 18-year-old teen on charges of fraud after fabricating a family emergency to secure a taxi ride only to run off without paying.

The individual, whose identity has been withheld, stands accused of faking his grandmother's accident to get a taxi ride from Incheon to Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si in South Korea -- a 100km (62.1 miles) drive -- in order to meet his girlfriend. The teenager then fled the scene without paying the fare. The incident has prompted swift legal action against the young suspect, Naver reported.

At the time he boarded the taxi, the accused minor hailing from Seoul informed the driver about a family emergency, urgently stating that his grandmother has had an accident in Cheonan-si and needed to get there quickly.

He also promised to pay the driver the 130,000 won ($100) fare upon arrival. The taxi ride lasted over two hours and covered a distance exceeding 100 km.

However, upon reaching the destination, the suspect abruptly fled the scene, leaving the pursuing taxi driver behind. The driver also sustained injuries during the pursuit.

During the investigation, the teenager admitted to the crime, confessing, "I needed to meet my girlfriend in Cheonan but lacked the necessary funds and time."

The child of the victim took to an online community to share their father's distressing experience, expressing disappointment. He stated that his father undertook the entire journey because of his genuine concern for the suspect and noted that he even had to sacrifice his own mealtime only to be deceived. The post garnered significant attention, sparking a wave of widespread debate and controversy.

The Cheonan Seobuk Police Station is now preparing to transfer the case to the prosecution for further legal proceedings.

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