A DLC is coming to “Tekken 7” and will introduce an all-new fighter reminiscent of Sagat from “Street Fighter.”

Bandai Namco released a new trailer revealing a new “Tekken 7” character coming by way of a DLC, Polygon reported. The new character is a muay thai champion named Fahkumram. This fighter has a very close resemblance to another popular muay thai fighter from another popular video game franchise: Sagat from “Street Fighter” fame.

The trailer shows that this new character is a giant that towers over “Tekken 7's” Marduk. His height, however, makes him look more like Sagat. Both of them have prominent scars, albeit in different locations in their bodies and faces – Fahkumram has scars on his face, while Sagat has that huge scar on his chest. The resemblance caused the “Street Fighter” mainstay to trend on Twitter.

Resemblances aside, Fahkumram looks like a good fighter on his own. His name means “roaring sky” or “thunder.” The trailer showed him airdropped from the sky to fight with Marduk, who had just won a fight a few moments ago. Marduk, however, lost the fight with him, and that should be expected since it's his reveal trailer.

Not much is revealed about Fahkumram in the trailer, save for a few details: he's huge, can move quickly, and is capable of hitting high and low without any trouble. At the end of the trailer he is quoted as saying (in his own language), “how many more?” It's unclear as to what he meant there, though.

The DLC containing Fahrkumram, which is part of the “Tekken 7” season pass, is coming at an unannounced date. For now, fans can wait for a new fighter named Leroy Smith, who is scheduled for release during Winter, and for the sumo wrestler named Ganryu, who is also scheduled to arrive this Winter.

Leroy was first announced in August this year, Eurogamer reported. He is described as a “seasoned master of martial arts” who doesn't seem to have any difficulty beating up “Tekken” mainstays Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima. On the other hand, Ganryu, who has been with the franchise for years, returns as a sumo wrestler-turned-streamer who obviously has a crush on Julia Chang.