The mobile app market is growing rapidly. The competition is won by apps that offer users the utmost benefit. And among messengers, Telegram has been the leader for the past three years. It offered the best terms for free. But with security, as it turned out, not everything is as reliable as the developers claimed. And now the Telegram team is losing a major advantage - the founder of the company announced that the application will be monetized. Moreover, after the removal of US President Donald Trump's profiles from most social networks, Apple and Google have also announced that they could remove Telegram from free access in the Google Play Market and Apple Store.

New players - better conditions for users

Along with popular messengers from Facebook and other IT giants, solutions from private companies have begun to appear in mobile application stores. For example EXPO messenger. In terms of technical solutions, its developers beat out top applications such as WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Viber. Only Telegram remains a close competitor.

But with the advent of monetisation, this advantage will no longer appeal to users, which means that everyone will be looking at other criteria - e.g. security and convenience. And this is where privately-run developments turn out to be better than global competitors. 

How messengers get hacked

If we are talking about cyber-criminals and not intelligence services, the thievery of messages proceeds through the interception of data packets from user to user. Criminals decrypt information using encryption keys. 

“Our team has taken the best technology and developed a messenger, which makes it impossible to intercept communications since there are no third parties, or any centre to receive messages between correspondents,” said EXPO chief executive Cesar Barmejo.

The fact is that the developers solved this problem with a simple solution - exchanging QR codes to initiate communication. In this case, the key to decrypting messages is stored only on the user's device. It turns out that third parties and even developers will not be able to access communications in any way. Since there is simply no way to this information.

Let's assume a hack has occurred. How does a messenger protect your data and guarantee 100% security in this case? In most cases, popular messengers do not protect you against this in any way, as your profile contains your personal information or data by which you can be identified. 

"In the case of EXPO, from the first launch to communication in the app, you don't give your personal information anywhere. Unlike Telegram, EXPO does not require identification by phone number. Therefore, if your interlocutor wants to "leak" the correspondence, you cannot be identified anyway. Metadata in EXPO messenger is deleted automatically. This also eliminates even the slightest chance of getting any information about the correspondence", Cesar continued.

It is also worth mentioning the latest developments in encryption and secure communication channels. A modified version of the wolfCrypt library and other developments have protected the EXPO messenger at the highest level. Moreover, this application was originally created for the business and IT community. Therefore, it does not have the same wider audience as Telegram and security services have no interest in this development. 

Search for the desired button - 3, 2, 1 ... exit

In today's world, with hundreds of emails sent to you every hour, there is little time to find the features and settings you want. Therefore, developers try to place maximum emphasis on user experience. But not everyone benefits. In most popular instant messengers, settings are scattered across different sections of the interface. This is why UX design is so important for a modern messenger. 

Again, only Telegram and EXPO messenger are among the best solutions. Their interfaces are many times more convenient than the outdated visual solutions from Viber and WhatsApp. But as for the main competitor, compared to Telegram, EXPO's functionality is not scattered throughout the application. The most important settings are right there in the person-to-person dialogue. And the general menu contains only the exact settings that you are likely to change once or twice. 

This combination of security and convenience makes EXPO messenger the best solution on the market in 2021. And judging by what's in store for Telegram in the near future, EXPO's position will strengthen. 

Resources and infrastructure - in 2021 one application is no longer enough

People stop using one app for every purpose. This is difficult and so developers are trying to create an eco-system. The taxi service app now includes the delivery of goods and sometimes sightseeing tours. Social networks even combine the functionality of 20 different apps. 

So is EXPO messenger. It is not a separate application, but part of the infrastructure that has created. The EXPO eco-system consists of a payment system, an investment project and other company products. 

Therefore, for the business community and progressive people in the IT and entrepreneurial environment, the new messenger can become not only an equal alternative with key advantages but also part of a global system that generates passive income for all participants. 

Summing up

In 2021, private companies are creating truly innovative apps. The fact that these apps are officially available in the Google Play Market and Apple App Store proves that they are verified and official products. Unlike programs that are distributed from third-party sites related to fraud.

Analysts estimate that products related to information security will become more relevant to the wider audience and the app market will grow. Therefore, EXPO messenger can take its place in the market and gather up to 50 million people within the next 3 years. And that's $150-200 million, dividends from which the company will distribute to shareholders.