The temporary vanishing of the Tesla app for almost a day from the Google play store has made viral Tesla news. Although it has come back now, Tesla users are still baffled as to what caused its mysterious disappearance.

Tesla's app is integral to the electric vehicle’s driving experience. The uses of the app are multifarious-- monitoring charging, locking or opening of doors, operating the AC and heater are a few functions to mention.

In the case of Tesla Model 3, the Tesla app is its best door key option as the entry with the key fob is restricted, unlike other Teslas.

User’s grievance

The mater was first reported by a Reddit user via Android Police that the Tesla app was not available at the Google Play Store. This came to the attention of the vigilant user when he was setting up his Galaxy Note 10.

Another user’s message in a Tesla forum said the person tried to tap the update and received a message that an update has been scheduled for Friday at 6:44.

Then, later on, he had another message that said earlier notification about the impending update cannot be removed. That added more to the mystery and escalated the anxiety whether the Tesla app will be available or not.

According to harried users who missed the Tesla app, efforts to download the app returned a message: “We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”

The app became inaccessible to even those who have downloaded it before.

No reason has been given for the vanishing act of the Tesla auto app. It is believed that it was a “temporary situation.”

Many assumptions floated as apps are generally scrubbed out for violating policies.

Although the app has now returned to the Play Store as quickly as it vanished, there is no word from Tesla on exactly what happened.

The app is back with a new update

That Google Play Store listing has been returning the message “Item not found” leaving some users to think that the disappearance might have something to do with the recent update that happened early this week.

Only this week, the Tesla app had the update to version 3.9.1-377 and appeared on Android devices.

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 on display in Los Angeles, California. The popular Model 3s have driven more than 1 billion electric miles in record time. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Ending all suspense, the Tesla app is finally back and working fine and the Google Play Store has a new update of the app as version 3.9.1-378.

Tesla shares jump and slip over Volkswagen news

Meanwhile, Tesla stock jumped 2 percent in premarket trading on Thursday over reports that Volkswagen’s CEO has expressed interest in buying a stake in the company.

But the stock shed those gains later after a Volkswagen spokesperson denied the report.

Tesla stock shot up 0.6 percent by market close on Thursday, lifting the market cap to $39.8 billion by adding more than $200 million.

The news reported by German business publication Manager Magazine said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess’ has shown interest in acquiring a stake in Tesla because he sees an advantage in leveraging Tesla’s strengths in batteries and software.