A group of cybersecurity specialists confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 records more than just data if the car gets in an accident. Apparently, data from devices tied to the Model 3’s systems can also be taken from its memory storages. Here’s what we know about this discovery.

According to CNBC, two security researchers and “white hat hackers”  confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 does its job of sending videos, voice recordings and other important investigation data to servers and keeping some of it secure on its own storage if still intact. While this feature is great for legal, forensic, and crime investigation purposes, the Tesla Model 3’s storage also stores more than just these information as the specialists found that personal data are also stored indefinitely along with the important data and don’t have tight security to it.

In the hands of malicious hackers, taking those personal data would be easy provided they have the knowledge to open up the device. So far, the personal data the car takes from paired devices are contact information, calendar plans, and e-mail addresses that are related to the device. Lastly, the information also covered a detailed route of the paired device’s visited areas as seen on the GPS. While these data don’t directly affect a user’s bank account, a user’s private info can still be extracted from a crashed Tesla Model 3 vehicle’s memory banks.

While Tesla has yet to be a company known for its strong computer security, it certainly is making steps to protect its customers and improve with their implementation. The company notes that users can purge their car of data through going a factory reset and entering Valet mode to protect the car’s data while its being handled by other people.

Moreover, Tesla has also offered one of their vehicles to be hacked in the Pwn2Own hacking competition this year. Rather than just letting their car get hacked, this event opens up the weaknesses of their car’s data security for Tesla to know and learn from. For now, we’ll have to wait for Tesla if they’ll have some security changes especially now that they’re planning to release the Model Y later this year.