Since their release, many Tesla electric car owners noticed that these vehicles are great for outings, road trips and other excursions due to its features. However, is the new Tesla Model 3 better than the older Model S vehicle from the early half of the 2010 decade? Here’s what we know about this so far.

According to cleantechnica’s report, both Model 3 and Model S are good for road trips, but each come with their own advantages depending on your vacation plans. The newer Model 3 offers driving comfort with its Autopilot self-driving car system and faster charge-up that also provides similar mileage to the Model S. Meanwhile, the older Model S’s advantage is its size, which allows its owners to sleep comfortably inside the car when it’s in “Camper Mode” as it frees up enough space to make a 6-foot-tall man comfortable and provide plenty of room to sleep in. The Model S also has more storage size as it still has its front and back trunk available, not only for sleeping but also for bringing many supplies and luggage on the way.

All-in-all, the new Model 3 is great for roadtrips that are mostly long drives and travels from place to place. Meanwhile, the older Model S is best used for roadtrips that often end in camping or staying in outdoor spots overnight. Depending on your road trip itinerary, both Tesla Model 3 and Model S can be useful depending on your plans.

In other news, the upcoming Tesla Model Y will use parts from the Model 3 car, a move that will allow the company to produce the cars faster. More than its immediate production, the car is also confirmed to be cheaper as it’ll compete against one of the best and most affordable SUVs in the market, the Toyota Rav-4. While its specifications have yet to be fully revealed, its cheap price and SUV-like size should grab the attention of those who frequently go on roadtrips.

Tesla Model S
Despite how it looks, the Tesla Model S is actually a great car for roadtrips. Pictured: Visitors look at a Model S car of electric-carmaker Tesla Motors at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on November 6, 2018. AFP/Getty Images/Johannes Eisele