In a Twitter poll on Nov. 6, some of Elon Musk’s followers recommended that he sell 10% of his Tesla (TSLA) stock. As of Wednesday, Musk has sold over half of that amount.

According to regulatory filings on Tuesday, Musk has sold off $1.05 billion worth of Tesla stock.

Tesla's valuation fell below $1 trillion last week because of Musk’s tweet, leading to him selling a lot of the stock he promised. The amount of Tesla stock that the world's richest man has sold now totals $10 billion.

The total amount of stock amounts to 9.2 million shares. Forbes estimates that Musk will need to sell 17 million shares to ensure he sells 10% of his Tesla stock, which means he has 7.9 billion shares to go. 

Barron's estimated he will sell off that amount of stock in four weeks. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Musk faced a $3.5 billion tax bill on his stock options.

Musk’s tweets have an obvious effect on his own finances and the finances of Tesla, which has come under criticism.

As of Wednesday at 11:25 a.m. ET, shares of Tesla were trading at $1,124.81, up 15.78, or 1.42%.