People finally got a glimpse of the first “Tesla pickup truck,” but it’s not exactly what people expected.

The Tesla pickup in question is not manufactured by the electric vehicle company but something that was created by YouTube vlogger, Simone Giertz. The vehicle she produced, however, is not garbage at all as she was able to transform a Tesla Model 3 into a pretty nifty pickup version.

According to the vlogger, she has always fancied owning an electric pickup and that she didn’t want to wait for a few more years before she can finally get one. Needless to say, Giertz is no longer willing to wait when Tesla finally releases the supposed “cyberpunk truck” that was teased early this year during the Model Y launch.

So with the help of some friends, the vlogger’s new Model 3 was converted from a sedan to pickup truck. According to a report, Giertz chose to use a Model 3 body because of its steel body, making it easier to modify. Both the Model S and Model X, car models that seem to be a better base for a pickup, are both made of aluminum.

The pickup, which the vlogger called “Truckla,” was introduced via a creative video that conveyed the message “you choose where the road leads.” It pretty much said that if people can’t wait for something that will take time to produce, they have the option to go ahead and do it themselves.

Constructing the pickup was not easy based on the production video. The roof had to be reinforced with support before being cut as it plays a crucial part in the Model 3’s body. Giertz also used old parts of a Ford and Chevy pickup to form the bed and roof rack.

Now you can’t just fool around with Tesla parts as most of it are highly connected and play a crucial part of how the vehicle works so we can just imagine how complicated it is to go around the wiring and engine parts. For this, Giertz worked with Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds who fortunately has a lot of experience working with Tesla parts.

The end result is a pretty decent pickup that seems to be working beautifully based on the fake commercial that Giertz created. It was the perfect size for someone like the vlogger and looked really functional with add-ons like an electric outlet used outdoors for utility uses such as operating electric tools.

The vlogger also placed headlamps on the roof rack which makes the vehicle highly functional even when used in the dark. The pickup is far from being finished however and Giertz said that they are continuing to work on added features for the mini pickup.