Tesla’s beloved Sentry Mode feature began rolling-out to Tesla Model 3s in the United States on Feb. 13 and boy, does it have a lot of video stories to tell about botched thefts and plain human and animal silliness. 

Couple Sentry Mode’s videos with those taken by the TeslaCam dashcam, and you’ve got a video library worthy of posting to YouTube.

Here’s one of them and, unbelievably, it shows a woman trying to gas-up her Tesla!

Some of the loudest screams, however, are recorded by a Tesla’s interior cam that shows passengers screaming in surprise and laughing hysterically as their Tesla guns from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds.

One girl described the acceleration as similar to that of a roller coaster and she had tears coming out of her eyes. See it here:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known to have a queer sense of humor. He shows-off his fun side by deploying Easter Eggs in Tesla dashboards. Among Musk’s latest, and funniest, Easter Eggs is the “Whoopee Cushion” that mimics a lot of farts.

Tesla’s dashcam can record and store footage from the vehicle’s forward-facing camera.

Sentry Mode, on the other hand, is Tesla’s way of safeguarding their EVs. The feature monitors the environment around the vehicle while it’s parked or left unattended.

“When enabled, Sentry Mode enters a ‘Standby’ state, like many home alarm systems, which uses the car’s external cameras to detect potential threats,” Tesla explains. The EV can either send warnings to Tesla’s touchscreen or activate the car alarm and play music from the car’s audio system to alert the owner.