"Tetris" plkayed on a 100,000 square foot skyscraper. Courtesy/CBS

On April 5, nostalgic gamers were able to play 1984’s puzzle game “Tetris” on a 29-story skyscraper in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The game’s famous blocks were displayed on Philadelphia’s Cira Centre, a 437-foot high office high-rise in the University City district. The tower sits at 30th and Arch Streets and was erected in 2002.

"It has been probably 15 years since I played ‘Tetris’ last on a Game Boy, and it's much different playing on the side of building that's a half-mile away," city resident Sam Robinson, 30, told ABCNews . "Everything's happening so quick."

Though this wasn’t the first time the classic title was played on the side of a building, the 100,000 square-foot “screen” could possibly set a record for the largest game ever played.

Hundreds of eager gamers lined up to play “Tetris,” which kicked off a series of citywide happenings that comprise Philly Tech Week. It also celebrated the upcoming 30th anniversary of the game.

"This project began as a personal love letter to the games that I loved when I was a child – ‘Pong’ last year, ‘Tetris’ this year. But it ended up as a way of uniting the city of Philadelphia," Frank Lee, associate professor of digital media at Drexel University told the audience. Lee already holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest architectural video game display – last year, he placed “Pong” on the side of the same skyscraper.

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