A 500-Pound beehive was stolen from a Houston restaurant over the weekend. The hive was worth an estimated $1,000. REUTERS

It seems as if Disney character, Pooh Bear, is on the loose.

A Houston, Texas restaurant was robbed over the weekend, but it wasn't a usual theft. The thieves stole a 500-pound beehive from outside the restaurant.

Surveillance footage shows a truck pulling into the restaurant's parking lot at around 6:00 a.m. According to ABC, the truck pulled away 90 seconds later with an additional passenger, or to be accurate, about 5,000 additional passengers.

The hive, worth an estimated $1,000 is home to 5,000 bees. While many find bees to be pesky, these bees were an asset to the restaurant. The Houston Chronicle stated that the bees not only help pollinate the garden, but the honey they make is featured in some of the restaurant's dishes.

These thieves seem to be worker bees themselves. Chef Randy Evans of the victim restaurant told local ABC news that he believes whoever took the hive did their hive work. Someone had to know what they were doing, said Evans. They came when it was dark, cold and raining, the most inactive time for bees.

Local beekeeper John Berry agreed with Evans, telling ABC that You can't steal it without knowing what you're doing, you'd be in for some problems.

This isn't the first time that someone didn't mind their beeswax. The Mother Nature Network reported in 2010 that beehive theft was on the rise, with one man in Wisconsin having 33 beehives stolen from him. The rise in hive-naps is due to a shortage of bees nationwide.

Police are currently conducting an investigation into the theft. It is believed that two people are responsible for removing the hive.