Lindsey Vonn
Some have speculated that Tim Tebow is dating U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn. Here she arrives at the 2011 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, California July 13, 2011. REUTERS

Tim Tebow's relationship status remains a mystery. Millions of people question (and, yes, literally millions. Google Tim Tebow girlfriend and you will get over one million results) Does he have a girlfriend? Does he not have a girlfriend?

One lovely lady he has been linked to is Lindsey Vonn, Olympic skier. And Vonn recently revealed to TMZ that she could go for God's Quarterback.

TMZ cameras caught Lindsey on the street in New York City to ask her about all those Tebow rumors. I'm single. I'm totally single, she said. I'm not opposed to dating him, but I'm definitely not dating him.

Vonn went on to say that she and Tebow met each other at the ESPY Awards and are friends. She even got permission from his brother to do some tebowing herself. Tebow's brother went to see Vonn race.

The blonde Olympian recently filed for divorce from her husband/manager/coach Thomas Vonn. Since then, she has been linked to the Denver Broncos quarterback. Vonn is 27-years-old; Tebow is 24.

Rumors spread when Vonn was seen in the Tebow family suite at a Broncos game earlier this month. But, Vonn denied the speculation.

A lot of people are wondering what's up with me and the Tebows. I'm just friends with the family, Vonn wrote in her column with the Denver Post. I pretty much know their whole family now. They're great people. It's pretty awesome to be able to hang out with them - and to be able to witness the amazing things Tim and the Broncos can do.

She later tweeted: Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am NOT dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else). I'm just friends with his family. xo, LV.

Little is known about Tim Tebow's love life.

Despite the many prying eyes, the quarterback remains extremely private about his personal life. Other rumors have had him cozying up to a buxom college friend and UK glamor model Lucy Pinder.

What is known is that Tebow is a devout Christian. Before the 2008 Florida Gators season, he had his name pulled from consideration for the Playboy Preseason All-American team because Playboy's brand conflicts with his Christian beliefs.

In a press conference in July 2009 a Fanhouse reporter asked Tebow if is a virgin to which the quarterback replied Yes, I am.

Will love blossom between Tebow and Vonn?