Time-traveling through space might still sound like a common plot in sci-fi movies today but now some scientists actually believe that the theory is very possible in real life.

According to a report, a wormhole could make space traveling to very distant regions of the universe happen in an instant. This theory discussing how the anomalies of physics could make time traveling real was recently discussed in a scientific paper authored by physicists from Princeton University.

The study titled “Traversable wormholes in four dimensions,” discussed how physicists Juan Maldacena, Alexey Milekhin and Fedor Popov have “constructed a traversable wormhole solution in four dimensions.”

"This would be achieved by placing a large magnetic charge close to extremal black holes… so that they can be kept apart, at least for a while until the electromagnetic radiation causes them to lose energy and eventually merge with each other,” the physicists said, pointing out that rotating the black holes was important.

As an overview, the theory broached the idea that the resulting wormhole “can be viewed as an entangled state of two black holes.” The physicists then describe in the paper how they have “displayed a solution of an Einstein-Maxwell theory with charged fermions.”

"It is a traversable wormhole in four dimensions and with no exotic matter. It balances classical and quantum effects and it has a non-trivial spacetime topology, which is forbidden in the classical theory."

Black holes are defined as powerful wells of gravity that can basically suck up anything including matter and light. It is so strong that nothing can escape its powerful pull. It is uncertain, however, to know what happens to objects that get pulled into its vortex - whether they get crushed inside or actually get spit out in another dimension.

Some scientists believe the latter and believe that black holes are actual wormholes that connect two or more dimensions that encompass space and time. According to Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at the City College of New York, many physicists believe that black holes are like “gateways” that open throughout the universe.

“Then the question is what lies on the other end of that universe? And again, we’re now entering the realm of science-fiction because Einstein’s equations break down the two most interesting points in space-time. First, the center of a black hole, Einstein’s equations are useless at that point,” Dr. Kaku said in a podcast.

Scientists may have come up with a concept that explains how wormholes stay open, potentially solving paradoxes about black holes. CC0 Creative Commons