Timothy John Brewer
Timothy John Brewer, a sheriff's deputy in Moab, Utah, allegedly pistol-whipped his father, Wesley Brewer, after catching him having sex with his wife, Logan. San Juan County Jail

A sheriff’s deputy in Utah was arrested last week after he pistol-whipped his father after catching him having sex with his wife.

Timothy John Brewer, 33, was arrested and charged with attempted homicide after assaulting his father, local fire chief Wesley “Corky” Brewer, according to a Moab, Utah, police report. Meanwhile, Wesley Brewer had to be hospitalized after intentionally injuring himself in the aftermath of the incident.

“[Timothy John] then explained to me that he had caught his wife, Logan, having sex with his father, Corky, in one of his children’s bedrooms upstairs in his own house,” a Moab police officer wrote in the report. The alleged incident occurred on July 11, when Timothy John and wife Logan Brewer invited Wesley to their home for dinner, Deseret News reports.

According to police, the Brewer family was having after-dinner drinks when Logan Brewer announced that she was putting one of the couple’s to bed, Deseret News reports. Timothy John realized something was amiss “when the kid [his wife] was putting to bed came downstairs.”

Timothy John Brewer later told police that he had discovered the child’s bedroom door locked, but managed to get the door open, the report states. He then discovered that his father and wife were having sex and “lost it.”

Logan Brewer claims that Timothy John assaulted his father, left the room and returned with a gun, Deseret News reports. “She stated [Timothy John] hit her, backhanded her, and pointed a handgun at her face,” according to the police report. At some point during the confrontation, Timothy John pistol-whipped his father as well.

After the initial confrontation, Wesley Brewer returned to his own home to “find a firearm,” the report states. However, when his own wife attempted to hide the gun, Wesley responded by stabbing himself, incurring serious injuries that required medical attention.

Police were called to Moab Regional hospital amid reports that Timothy John was attempting to force his way past his uncle, also a sheriff’s deputy, so that he could confront his father and “finish the job,” Deseret News reports. Timothy John is believed to have been drunk at the time.

Timothy John Brewer was arrested and charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer, domestic violence in front of a child and intoxication, the New York Daily News reports. However, the charges were eventually reduced to assault and assault against a police officer, which could result in up to two years in prison. The younger Brewer quit his job as a sheriff’s deputy and is slated to appear in court on Tuesday.