An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, who also served in the Iraq War, was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage after a fight ensued between her and her boyfriend, according to reports.

Scottsdale Police arrested Megan Welter on July 20, according to, after her unidentified boyfriend showed them a cellphone video he had taken of Welter repeatedly hitting him. The two had been drinking “excessively” prior to the argument.

Welter, 28, initially told police that her boyfriend was hitting and choking her, but the officers apparently found no bruises or other signs of physical abuse. She also claimed he was a professional fighter.

Welter joined the Cardinals cheerleading squad two years ago, and was lauded earlier this week for her incredible transition from Army lieutenant and platoon leader. She served a 16-month tour in Iraq, according to AZ Family. Welter joined the Army in 2007 right after college.

The first video below shows Welter alleged striking her boyfriend and accusing him of cheating. He warns Welter that he is recording the ordeal.

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Another clip shows officers responding to Welter’s 9-1-1 call, and asking both parties questions. The boyfriend says that Welter found a text message from another woman on his phone. He then shows the officers his video.

The boyfriend refused to speak on camera to AZ Family affiliate 3TV, and instead released a statement.

"People make mistakes, no one is perfect,” he said. “I honestly want the best for her and I hope that this doesn't take away from the good things that she has done for both the NFL, as well as the service to our country. People seem to only remember the bad and it is easy to point fingers while standing on the outside. Now with that said, violence is never the answer and I honestly hope that this can be a learning experience for her and everyone else."